Saturday, December 19, 2015

15 Animal Shelter Donation Ideas
Helping Animals in Need

Hey Collectors! Any time of the year is a great time to donate!
Did you know that animal shelters need donations too? Our furry friends in need are not as picky as some of our pets. They would love that cat tree your kitty never uses, or that high end dog food that your dog sniffed once and never ate. Do you have bedding and linens that you can purge? 

I have compiled a list of what most animal shelters will take. My experience is that most shelters even last notice are extremely grateful for any donations.
  1. Blankets, Sheets, Pillow Cases (fair to good condition)
  2. Cloth towels (fair to good condition)
  3. Paper towels
  4. Unopened dog or cat food
  5. Can openers 
  6. Cat litter
  7. Pet brushes
  8. Pet dishes or small bowls and plates
  9. Pet  toys (slightly used is ok)
  10. Pens / Pencils 
  11. Notepads/clipboards
  12. Unopened bleach
  13. Cat / Dog crates and kennels 
  14. Leashes/Collars (slightly used ok)
  15. Tennis balls
Personally, I like to collect a box year round and take it once it gets full. I have pets, and they are spoiled. It's nice to know that the things they don't use can be given to less lucky animals. 

Collector Care takes donations to several local San Francisco Bay Area animal agencies. If you are a Bay Area  animal agency in need of donations, please contact us to see when we are in your area next.

Until next time Collectors! I wish you the best on your de-cluttering efforts and I hope that this blog post inspired you to let go of a little bit more. It really feels good when your unused stuff goes to people or animals in need.

Do you need help going through your piles of stuff? Are you overwhelmed by clutter? Hire a Collector Care Professional Organizer today to help you start gaining control of your space. We will even drop off your donations to your local animal and pet shelters. Call Today!


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What is your relationship with stuff?

I grew up poor. So poor that my mother put on sock puppet shows as a birthday present. So poor we slept on couches, and in peoples garages.

As a child, I rarely had new toys, always hand-me-downs, garage sale, and second hand store dolls. I still have the first new toy I ever got, I was around 6 years old and my mom got me a bear at Walmart for $8. This was a very big deal. I have had him for almost 30 years, and he has been re-stuffed along the way. His name is Clark.

As a teen, I never had designer jeans (back then it was Guess with triangle on the back pocket), I had never traveled to anywhere nice (most my friends had gone out of the country several times), I never had extra movie money.

I was resentful towards stuff. I was too poor to have stuff. We only had necessities. We had to travel light. I wanted that new Barbie. I wanted a fancy dress. I hated that we could not afford the things my other friends so easily had.  I hated that I never fit in, never had the perfect outfit or expensive hair style.

Now that I am all grown up I have a much different relationship with stuff. I still want that fancy dress, but it no longer defines who I am. I respect stuff. I work so hard for my money Collectors, that when I buy stuff it has to be something I will really use or love.

I have had this private discussion with my Clients. It's interesting that some of them have gone the complete opposite direction. They grew up poor so gosh darn it if they aren't going to buy everything they want. They grew up poor!! Filling their homes up with new items that will never be used, just so they don't feel like they did growing up, just to fit in. Crowding themselves out of their own homes with stuff, just because now they can afford it. Suffocating themselves and drowning in stuff, just to feel good about themselves. Does this sound like you?

Dig deeper on why you fill your home with stuff. How did you grow up as a child? What was your relationship to stuff back then? How were your parents on stuff? Do you buy stuff to drown out uncomfortable feelings? The more you learn about yourself, and why you clutter, the more you will be able to let go.

Until next time Collectors!


Rachel Seavey, Collector Care
Owner & Blogger

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Is recycling a big part of your clutter issue?

Hey collectors! Especially my GREEN Bay area collectors! And all of those green people out there in the world recycling to make a difference! Thank you so much for doing your part. 

I would like to talk a little bit about recycling and how it can create clutter. A lot of the times I walk into a home and peoples recycling bin's are out of control. Most of the time recycling is all over the place. My clients know it's a good thing to recycle but it just never gets out the door. 

Do you have a recycling overload at your home? 

There are a few common items people get hung up on, first I will start with rinsing. You do not need to rinse your recycling. If you do not believe me call your local recycling center. No one is going to think of you as dirty or lazy because you did not rinse out your recycling. Please note mucky items such as peanut butter should be rinsed out.
I have several clients that rents their recycling to avoid fruit flies. The problem is not with the recycling, you need to take your recycling out more often. Please see below.

Next I noticed people wait until a large recycling can is full until they take their recycling out. Take recycling out in small bags every day so that you don't get backed up. Sometimes people make their recycling bins or bag so heavy that they can no longer physically take them out. Keep it small and simple by taking out small bags that are easy to manage

Also if you struggle with hoarding disorder and/or perfectionism, I want you to think to yourself about how important it is to address your hoarding tendencies and not so much the rinsing of the recycling... What is really important to you? Getting your life back together or impressing these imaginary people at the recycling center? Don't lose track of your vision!

I love recycling, I have even attached a picture of my recycling bin so you see that I practice what I preach.

I have my recycling bin at the top, and my stash of bags at the bottom. Yes even I have a very small stash of bags.

My recycling container is easy to manage, and easy to clean.

The moral of this story is ... Continue recycling! Just don't be a perfectionist about it or let it get out of control by using the tips in this post.

Do you need help getting your recycling under control? 

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Rachel Seavey, Blogger #collectorCareCares

Friday, November 13, 2015

Do you hoard emails? Why?

Hey Collectors! Do you hoard emails? Gulp, okay guilty confession apparently I do too! I got a notice from Yahoo! today saying I had exceeded my storage limit!! No way, right? Um, yes way!

I just spent the last couple of hours deleting years worth of emails. I feel liberated! I had no idea what I had saved! (sound familiar????)

I guess it was out of sight out of mind? I also worked in a corporate environment for several years where we all saved every email to cover our you know whats. They were literally called CYA emails.

Whoah! I have to tell you it feels good to do that purge! Join me in purging emails this weekend (or whenever you find yourself reading this). Don't wait for a notice to be posted to drive you into de-cluttering your inbox! Learn from the Pro's!

Do you need help de-cluttering your emails or paperwork? We love information gatherers! or 925-548-7750 FREE estimates to the SF Bay Area!

Rachel Seavey (no longer hoarding emails)!
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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Do you allow people into your home?

Hey Collectors!
How long has it been since you had company over? Do you close your windows and blinds so that the neighbors cannot peak in and see the mess? Is your home in need of dire repairs but the thought of letting a repairman in sends you into a panic? Guess what? You are not alone. We see people like you all of the time. People who are overwhelmed with clutter to the point of isolation.

This situation does not have to be forever. With courage and determination, you can achieve your goal of having the home you deserve! Let go of the fear of failing. Breathe through the moment of being stuck. If you need to ask for help, it's okay! If you don't know where to start, hire a trained professional organizer who is non-judgmental, caring and efficient.

Before you know it, you will be able to have people over, and be able to take pride in your home. You will be able to leave your over cluttered past behind you.

Good luck Collectors and never give up!


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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Procrastination + Chores

Hey Collectors!

What's going on?! You putting some things off? Are you procrastinating on your chores as usual? What makes you put them off? Are you distracted? Would you rather be doing anything else?

I get it it. You associate your chores with negative feelings. Feelings that stemmed from childhood, old feelings. Household chores = yucky. You might be reminded of being made to pick up as a child, or as many of my clients, you were never shown to pick up, so you don't really know how. Maybe your parents hated chores and you are imitating them subconsciously. Maybe your stomach turns at the thought of doing chores because your entire being associates chores as being painful.

It's time to shift the way you think. Chores = happiness. You can finally have people over, you can find things easily so you are not late, you save money so you are not buying duplicates.
Messy = yucky. Messy equals guilt, embarrassment, shame, always running late, having to buy duplicates.

Let's define the word "chores": definition of the word "chores", 

the everyday work around a house or farm.
The word "everyday" is super important, as being organized requires a conscious steady effort. You have to maintain your routine in order for it to last.

Instead of moving towards happiness we stay in the land of procrastination, watching tv, surfing the net, and doing anything else possible. Avoiding. Procrastinating. Staying in a rut. Stagnate. No forward motion.

Do you want to be unhappy not doing chores? Or actually be happy by maintaining your nest?

At what point does being unhappy sitting in a mess become worse than actually picking up?

Ask yourself these questions Collectors. Stop procrastinating! You deserve to be happy!!

Rachel Seavey
Professional Organizer

Do you need help getting back on track?

Do you want help establishing new systems and routines? 

Hire a Collector Care Professional Organizer today! 

Reclaim your happiness! 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

4 Tips for Living Room Bliss

4 Tips for Living Room Bliss

Your living room should be the place where you relax and unwind, but most days it feels like a chaotic catch-all. Disorder and chaos in your home can have a negative affect on your emotions. Take a look at your cluttered space. How does it make you feel? 
  • Does your mind feel cluttered?
  • Do you feel drained of energy?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed or depressed?
We have all been there. Clutter causes unnecessary stress in your life. Getting rid of the clutter helps you feel better emotionally and physically.

“But where do I start?” Good question! The best way to get started is to get started.  These 4 easy tips to will help you bring order to your living space, or any room in your home.

(1) Take a moment, stand in your living room, and turn off all the background noise. Visualize what your living space would look like if there was no clutter. Imagine how you want your space to function.

(2) Now look around and determine what items don’t belong. Grab those items and put them in their rightful place. Don’t worry about organizing them right now, just get them in the right location.

(3) Back to the living room. Discard anything that is broken or is trash. Are you really going to get that old DVD player fixed? Toss it. Then gather items you will donate, take them to your car and remember to actually take them to the donation center on your next trip.

(4) Tackle the remaining items by grouping like items together and organize them one at a time.

Being organized does not mean you have to get rid of everything. If your living room doubles as a playroom, you don’t have to get rid of your children’s toys. Place a container in the living room to corral all their stuff. Storage ottomans work well for this. Your living area is your living area. Make the space work for how you live.

Remember Collectors,  "Happiness is a place between too little and too much." —Finnish Proverb

Need help getting organized? Hire one or two of our skilled professional organizers to help you get your project done! Have company coming over? Give us a call, we will have your place picked up in a jiffy!!! 925-548-7750

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Starving Organizer ISO Funds

Thanks for opening up this solicitation! Please send me $35 NOW so I don't die. This is where I attach a photo of me emaciated and destitute. Lying in the street gutter with the rats. And a broken neck. 

I am SO tired of "charities" bombarding my clients with never ending requests for money. I have seen thousands of mailings plastered with graphic photos of the most disturbing matters!! Five different "Save the horse" mailings with five different stories of slaughtered horses from five different outfits. All of them needy, all of them pulling on your heart strings. 

You donate to one company and they sell your name to 10 more. Before you know it you have stacks and stacks of solicitations and can't remember which one you donated to begin with. My Client Roz wrote an article all about our personal experiences with this exact subject matter.

"I get too much mail from organizations with sob stories or worse on the awful treatment of (fill in the blank) dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, dolphins, children, and old people. Of course they ask for money. If I send them $10 or $20, and I usually do, I get on more mailing lists from more heart wrenching organizations. " (See link below for full article).

I love the ones who send money. Yes they send $2 bills, pocket change, stamps.
You can't throw money out so you are compelled to open it. You take out your $2 bill (how do they afford that?!) and a picture of animal testing falls out. You have got to donate to this one! After all they did just send you two dollars. 

Don't get me wrong I strongly believe in donating to charities. I do not believe in organizations praying on compassionate people. I do not believe in organizations selling your information to other companies.

How do you track who you donate to? Are you overwhelmed with abundance of solicitations? Do you have stacks and stacks of mail from charities looking for donations?

Below are three tips to help you manage solicitation mailings.

www.freedigitalphotos.net1. Put all of your solicitation mailings in a box. Go through this box with ruthlessness. Open up each solicitation that you are interested in donating to and do step 2 before you mail your donation. 
2. Create a spreadsheet or list on who you just donated to, how much and the date.
3. Write "return to sender" on ones you just can't stand and put them in your outgoing mail. If that's too mean for you, recycle or shred them immediately.

To read Roz's personal experience on how we handle her solicitation clutter, read here:

Until next time dear Collectors! As always, please feel free to post a comment with your experience on mail solicitation clutter.

Rachel Seavey, Blogger &
Owner of Collector Care
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Monday, June 8, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner – Organizing Trend Setter

Hey Collectors! We are always trying to "Keep Up With The Kardashians" at Collector Care. Ever since Caitlyn Jenner came out I have had an abundance of inquiries from transgender folks in search of organizational services.

Before Caitlyn came out I have had the pleasure of working with 3 transgender Clients over the last five years. I kid you not, I have had at least five phone calls in the last ten days from potential transgender Clients. Leading me to believe that Caitlyn Jenner is an organizing trend setter, and inspiring me to write this blog.

This blog is for people that have closets full of both female clothing and male clothing. Hockey jerseys and platinum blonde wigs on the same shelf. I think you get the picture. You might not have thought about the additional clutter this brings. When you are dressing for two genders, you can have twice the amount of stuff. When you are taking hormones or getting plastic surgery done- your body changes, and you end up with a lot of clothing that no longer fits the same.

So the burning questions is, how do you organize your closet when you are transgender? This blog is full of tips and ideas just for you!

Did you see the episode where Kim wanted to organize Caitlyn's closet? The shoes at the top have been on my mind since that episode aired! I would be in organizing heaven if she invited me over! 

So, where does one begin? Below is a story of one of my transgender clients and some of the tools and techniques that we used organizing her closet. I hope this inspires you.

I have been working with a client we will call Gloria because she wants to remain anonymous. Quick rewind: Gloria was born male, and over the last 10 years has been transitioning into female. She has just come out at work.

When I got to Gloria's house her place was full of items from her past life as a man. She was always big into hockey so there was a lot of sports memorabilia, clothing that she wore when she was a man, and photos and documentation of her being a male. Her goal was to transition her space into her new lifestyle as a woman. Not only had she told everyone at work about being transitioning, she was now living 100% as a woman everywhere else too.

Gloria wanted to eliminate all of the clutter in her home that reminded her of her life as a man. However, she did want to keep some mementos from the past in a box in the way back of her closet.

Rachel Seavey, Blogger
Owner of Collector Care
We started transforming her closet first. We dedicated a side for clothing that made her feel fabulous and beautiful. The other side of the closet was for clothing that might look good after she gets her breast implants. We let go of items that made her feel frumpy or uncomfortable. We made one bag of donation for the goodwill of men's clothing, and we had one bag of clothing for the woman's shelter. One shirt made it's way to the back of the closet to the box.
Shoes were sorted by work-wear and dressy, one side of her hanging organizer had comfy work shoes, and the other had sandals and heels. Boots and sneakers were organized at the bottom of the closet.

Make up organization was a definite struggle for Gloria! Oh was she in luck because I absolutely LOVE makeup organization! We shopped online for some cheap and easy solutions to contain her cosmetics. We discussed proper care of cosmetics and brushes. Good times!

Lastly we organized her purse. Most women get a lot of years in of cramming things in to their small purses or clutches. We have experienced the frustration of dropping something in to the black hole of a giant hobo bag only to search and search for its existence.
So what is the perfect purse and what goes inside of it? This Dolls, you will have to ask yourselves.

Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do you want a purse with short straps? Or have straps that hang over your shoulder? 
  • Backpack or fanny-pack? 
  • What should go inside of your purse?
  • What are things you use everyday? 
  • What would you never leave home without? 
  • Do you take medication or have daily prescriptions? 
I asked these questions and came up with the following items: (Remember, this is only Gloria's example, feel free to add or substitute as you like).
  1. Makeup in a clear cosmetic case. Tip: Bring only what you need to touch up during the day to avoid unnecessary bulk.
  2. Small hair brush with scrunchie wrapped around handle.
  3. Lotions in a clear cosmetic case. Travel size sunblock, hand-cream, and sanitizing lotion.
  4. 2 ballpoint pens and a small notebook.
  5. Phone.
  6. Gum.
  7. Asthma Inhaler.
We even made a copy of this list so that she would not forget to re-stock it. 
Thank you to Gloria for letting me share her story. My favorite part of working together was the celebration of self, and the facilitating of helping her be at their organizational best.

Thank you for reading this blog Collectors. Until next time!


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In a world where you can be anything collectors, be yourself.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer Sizzle Discount is Back!!

Tell us code #sizzle15 when you book and save $500 off services in June!!! Must book in June and prepay to receive discount. Not valid with any other offers. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Celebrating Self Expression!

I love to be able to work without judgement. It allows me to feel free. As someone who is quite frequently judged, I appreciate individuality. Be yourselves Collectors. If you want a wall of cat pictures - do it! Go ahead and make that spare room into whatever you want! Love yourselves some antique glassware.  Who cares what anyone thinks Collectors? It's your home. You don't have to be a minimalist to be happy. There is a happy place between too little and too much. Express yourselves Collectors and keep provoking those boring judgmental unhappy people with your artistic flare!

Rachel Seavey, Expresses herself often. Judged often.
A very special thank you to the gay and transgender community in San Francisco for allowing me to make a difference in your lives. Thank you for coming out of the clutter closet dolls!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hodge Podge Of Miscellanea

What's going on Collectors!!

Do you have boxes/bags/bins/etc full of miscellaneous items? Paper, garbage, clothing, money, all sorts of different categories of items all mixed together? What do you call this? What would you label this box if you had to?

Here are some submissions from some of our wonderful Clients: (Feel free to comment here or email me at with your submissions)

**These are in no particular order**

Image by stockimages at freedigitalphotos.netHodge Podge Of Miscellanea
To sort

Do you need help going through these items? Are you overwhelmed and don't know where to begin? Collector Care Professional Organizers LOVE going through your random clutter. Let us help you sort things  out, and organize them so you can actually find things when you need them!

Are you always late?
Get organized so that you can be on time,
meet deadlines, and not always be searching for things.


Friday, May 1, 2015

7 Secrets to Organizing a Hoarder’s Home

7 Secrets to Organizing a Hoarder’s Home

For those with hoarding disorder, getting rid of possessions is extraordinarily difficult. This is the case even if the item doesn’t hold any value, either monetarily or emotionally.

Hoarders feel they need to save things and become distressed at even the thought of throwing away something. They may even offer excuses like, “I plan on selling that at a yard sale.” Or, “I’m saving that for a friend.”

Whether you’re cleaning up your own house, or that of someone you know, here are 7 secrets to organizing a hoarder’s home.

1. Be understanding.

If you struggle with hoarding disorder, practice self-care. Don’t beat yourself up about past actions. Identify the problem and move forward.

If you’re working with a family member, friend or neighbor, practice empathic listening. What may seem like an easy decision for you may be an arduous process for someone who struggles with hoarding. Be patient and stay positive.

2. Consult other professionals.

If necessary, contact professionals in your area for help. If you don’t know where to look, city and county officials can point you in the right direction.

Professional organizers will help you sort through what items can be donated or thrown away and give advice on how best to organize the rest of your belongings. Biohazard specialists dispose of dangerous materials like blood, animal droppings and certain types of trash. Therapists identify the compulsive behavior and provide long-term support.

3. Wear protective clothing.

Depending on the types of items contained in the hoarder’s home, and how long “stuff” has been allowed to accumulate, you may need to wear protective garments.

ALWAYS wear close-toed shoes to prevent yourself from stepping on broken glass or other sharp objects. Wear pants and a long-sleeved shirt you don’t mind getting dirty. If excessive animal feces or other biohazards are present, wear protective eyewear, gloves and a particulate respirator mask.

4. Grab the right gear.

At a minimum, you’ll need a few basic supplies to begin the cleanup. Bring heavy-duty trash bags, a few empty boxes, some masking tape and a few Sharpie markers. You’ll also want a small stepstool or ladder, broom, vacuum, flashlight and first-aid kit. And don’t forget cleaning supplies like Lysol, bleach, all-purpose cleaner and plenty of paper towels.

5. Clean the bathroom first.

Hoarding cleanups are a marathon. You’ll most likely be working all day and will inevitably need to use the restroom. At a minimum, clean out a walkway to the toilet and sink. Make sure the facilities are in good enough condition to use. Bleach the toilet and disinfect the counter.

6. Sort through the clutter.

Before you organize, it’s important to get rid of as much “stuff” as possible. Create 3 piles: keep, donate and throw away. If there isn’t room inside for the piles, move the items outside and use tarps if necessary.

Ask questions to decide what should go where.
  • Does this item work? Things in good condition can be donated to a local charity.
  • Why am I saving it? A meaningful heirloom is worth keeping. A large collection of hotel shampoo bottles is not.
  • Is this a duplicate? Make sure to keep only one of each item.
For large donation piles, ask The Salvation Army or another charity to arrange a pickup. That will get everything out of the house immediately and avoid any inadvertent regression.

7. Take breaks.

Bring plenty of bottled water and non-perishable snacks. You’ll need to keep your energy up as you clean throughout the day. If the weather is nice, go outside and get some fresh air. The homes of hoarders tend to be stuffy and full of dust and other allergens. A little sunshine will go a long way.

I hope you found some of this information helpful Collectors! Stay tuned this Summer - we are currently recording the hOaRdGANIZE Podcast, which includes amazing guest interviews from experts in the field, lots of organizing tips and hacks, and a step by step series on how to organize your hoard.

Rachel Seavey, Owner & Blogger

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

For The Love of Containers

Hey Collectors! Bags, bins, boxes, crates, totes, purses, satchels, anything that contains! The trend with most of my clients is that they love containers.

Do you love containers? Old pill bottles, Altoid tins, jewelry boxes, gift boxes, shoe boxes, picture boxes, clear boxes, opaque boxes, paper bags, gift bags, plastic bags, reusable grocery bags, sturdy bags with handles, Ziploc bags, pouches, make up bags, eyeglass cases, I know there are more - please add to the comment section below!
My three favorite containers are the following: 

The brown paper bag. Worthy of its own blog. The brown paper bag is one of my favorite tools to use for sorting. Easy to label, easy to carry, the brown paper bag is a great way to sort documents. I like to have two in front of me one for shredding and one for recycling. The brown paper bag is great for carrying out recycling, garbage, compost, small donations anything that you need to carry out of your home and take elsewhere. Don't let your clutter pile up! 
In California these babies are $.10 apiece. I see hundreds to thousands of them a week at work. Let's put them to use!

Ziploc bags are great for containing small items. Easy to label and easy to use. Tame unruly toys, hardware, cosmetics, collections and snacks with ease!

Bankers boxes. I love the size of bankers boxes they are easy to carry around the house and easy to label for sorting. My favorite part about bankers boxes is that most of them have handles. They also stack nicely and are sturdy enough to reuse for years.

What are your favorite ways to contain stuff? Do you love brown paper bags as much as I do?

Need help going through your stuff? Hire a Collector Care Professional Organizer Today!

Thanks to

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sifting Through Treasures

I have a collection of clients that I see on a regular basis. We sit down and we sort through anything and everything. Sometimes the sessions are four hours and sometimes they are all day. 

We go through paperwork, try on clothing, cancel mailing subscriptions, clean… Whatever it takes to get their space to a place that they love.

Together we sort. We have a donation pile, a shred box, a bag for recycling, and a bag for garbage. Very carefully we examine each item deciding whether or not we need them or plan to use them. It's empowering for them to gain control of their  clutter. The transformation  is exciting to witness!

Do you need help going through your stuff? Would you like someone who is nonjudgmental and trained to help you make the right decisions? Look no further  call me today for your FREE assessment!

Rachel Seavey, Organizer & Blogger

Thursday, April 23, 2015

3 Awesome Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

3 Awesome Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

If you’re anything like me, you have a substantial jewelry collection. Who can’t resist a fun pair of earrings?

One of the most common organizing challenges for women is how to organize jewelry. Necklaces get tangled. The backs of earrings disappear. And you can never find the cocktail ring you’re looking for when you’re rushing out the door.

How to Organize Jewelry

Necklaces should be stored individually or hung vertically so they don’t become tangled with themselves or other jewelry. Bracelets can be kept in a compartmentalized drawer or tray.

Organize earrings by type. Studs and hoops can be stored in small compartments. Dangly earrings should hang vertically to avoid entanglements and damage.

Wherever you store your jewelry, it’s a good idea to store some extra earring backs, jewelry cleaner and silver polish nearby.

If you’re feeling crafty, here are 3 awesome ways to organize your jewelry.

3 Awesome DIY Jewelry Organization Tips

1. Create a burlap earring frame.

You'll need a picture frame, a piece of burlap, acrylic paint, corkboard and a foam brush. Cut the burlap and corkboard to fit your frame. Affix the burlap to your corkboard. Then paint or stamp a design of your choice onto the fabric.

Assemble your new picture frame and you've got a stylish way to display your favorite earrings.

2. Driftwood Necklace Holder

Pick up a piece of driftwood or an interestingly shaped branch. Grab some paint, picture hangers and screw-in hooks. The driftwood design has a rustic visual appeal, but you could use any type of wood to get the same effect.

It’s a good idea to sand the wood before starting, especially if you acquired it on a nature walk. Paint the driftwood to match your style. You could keep it simple and earthy or embellish it with lots of color.

Attach picture hangers to the back of the wood so you’ll be able to hang it on your wall. Then screw hooks into the bottom. Space the hooks about an inch apart from each other. That way, your necklaces will hang freely and avoid becoming tangled.

Get step-by-step instructions at Lovely Indeed (

3. Bangle Bracelet Holder

Bangle bracelets are tricky to store. They don’t quite fit into most jewelry boxes and they don’t hang well on a hook.

Rather than stash them in the dark corners of your dresser drawers, create a bangle holder from items you already own.

Most bottles fit bangle bracelets quite well. Simply grab a bottle — any beer or soda bottle will do — and stack your bracelets vertically around the bottle.

If you want to make your bracelet collection part of your d├ęcor, opt for a decorative bottle that’s slightly larger than the bracelets. They’ll stack nicely and rest around the bottle without falling to the bottom.

What DIY jewelry organization tips would you like to share?
Are you overwhelmed with clutter? Do you need help going through your stuff? 
Hire a Collector Care Professional Organizer to help you!


Why are Professional Organizers Expensive?

Hey Collectors - it's been way too long! I have been super busy with Collector Care, and it's a good thing. I have been out clutter busting, training people in the field, setting up our new office, buying a new truck - and recording a podcast - life is good. Now that things have settled I plan to put more time into my blog, so you my wonderful Collectors can hear all about what's going on with organizing, hoarding, chronic disorganization, and clutter.

One question I get a lot on estimates and over the phone is "why are Professional Organizers expensive?" Well for one we are legitimate. You get what you pay for okay? You might think there is "nothing to organizing", it's "just like housecleaning", etc.

Collectors, insurance and bonding is expensive. Just think, you are having someone go in your home and through all of your personal items, god forbid they break something or hurt themselves. You get what you pay for. If you are being cheap about hiring an organizer there is a very high likely hood that they are cheap for a reason. If they were paying business insurance and dues, they would be charging much more.

Real quick, I will tell you two stories about my experience working with people after they had no success with someone they found for cheap. One was from TaskRabbit and the other was from good ole' Craigslist. The names have been changed to protect the disorganized.

Story 1: When I got to Mary's home the odor of garbage was incredibly strong walking up her driveway. The front door had disintegrating bankers boxes stacked high on either side, and the front door itself was almost off the hinges. I knocked a couple times before I heard a raspy voice yelling at me to "come in!".  New Amazon, QVC, and Google Delivery boxes were stacked up in the foyer and the smell of rotten food got progressively worse. You see Mary was diabetic and had recently fallen badly in her home and was basically stuck on her couch. She had no pathway to the bathroom or kitchen. She was still compulsively shopping. She was very distraught not only because of her current situation, but that she had hired two inexperienced, uninsured organizers off the craigslist and they basically ransacked her home. She felt as though jewelry were missing and possibly cash. She was too embarrassed about her home to call the police.

Story 2: Veronica is a busy mom. She feels like her laundry, paperwork, and clutter has piled up and she wants help decluttering and putting some systems in place so that she can manage her family and stuff easily. She hopped onto TaskRabbit and found someone to come over and help. Awesome right? No. They were super nice but they had never organized professionally before. When they were done Veronica was left with neatly folded piles of laundry, neat piles of paper and bins overflowing with toys. No systems were put in place. No transference of skills happened. By the following month her clutter had crept in again.

An awesome Pro Organizer has been trained and has experience. We have associations for our profession. We pay for our association dues, our classes, and meet often. Try and find someone who is involved in their community, the chamber of commerce, or volunteering. Check out their reviews online to see what other Clients had to say.

Additionally, when we do our larger jobs we dispose of things properly, which means more fees and specialized licensing. We use our vehicles which we have to maintain to transport all donations and debris. Yesterday Tony and Katie spent 3 hours cleaning and disinfecting our truck after rotten food managed to spill and splatter all over the inside and our supplies. No fun. We spend a lot on organizing and cleaning supplies. We spent countless hours to and from donation centers and electronic recycling centers. This is all before and after we have worked all day. These are the same fees other larger companies have to absorb as well.

Hopefully you will take into this blog into consideration when you are looking for help with your clutter. Cheaper is not always better.
Rachel Seavey
Professional Organizer and Blogger for Collector Care.
Collector Care Professional Organizers and Extreme Cleaners. 


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Returning Merchandise

Hey Collectors! Do you dread returning items? Does the thought of bringing your items back into the department store make you cringe?

Don't worry, this is very common especially for collectors. I would have to say that most of my clients would rather lose money then do an ever dreaded return. image

I invite you to try and do a return. Do you have clothing with tags on it that you  no longer wear or use or like? Has it been within the last year or two since you purchased these items? That's okay. I have returned items 10 years old back to Macy's.

I invite you to try and return any items that you can. Feel the anxiety, feel your blood get hot, deal with the embarrassment of people looking. Take control of your compulsive shopping by actually returning items that you no longer want or need.

In my professional experience, I have found that once my clients do about five seperate returns they are much more cautious during their initial shopping excursions. So what's holding you back? The worst that can happen is that they say no and take no returns. The best that can happen is you shed clutter and get some money back! Any items that the department store will not take - immediately donate them to your closest donation center. These clothes have exceeded their value at this point and should be moved along.

PS: this also goes for QVC and HSN! They take returns! Stand in that postal office line and deal with it. You will begin to feel much better soon. Take control of your life and your home.

Need help making returns? Hire a Collector Care Professional Organizer today! 925-548-7750

Rachel Seavey, Professional Organizer (and blogger) For Collector Care

Collector Care specializes in hoarding disorder, chronic disorganization and professional organizing. We  love what we do, and  provide realistic expectations and timelines. Please visit our website at  or call 925-548-7750
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Monday, January 12, 2015

Just Open The Box!

Hey Collectors, a light weight rant for you. That's all this is. Pass it up if it doesn't apply to you.

I know you love your QVC and your HSN TV Show Personalities. I agree they are fabulous. They are like family to you. You invite them into your homes every day. You attend their weddings, see them pregnant, see pictures of the baby, oh you are like family.

AND -> -> Right now for a limited time only (timer counting down) on FLEX PAY you can buy every shade of that item!!!! Quick do it! Now! Time is running out! Product is running out! Everyone will have one but you. 3 Easy payments! You can do it!
The package comes to your door, the excitement is over. You place the box on top of other  boxes and you quickly run back to make sure you did not miss the next item on TV.

What ever happened to the allure of that original item? Why have you not opened that box? There are boxes everywhere - unopened.

This intrigues me. Why? Because I end up opening those boxes, and you smirk when you see that outdated whatchamacallit you bought years before. DONATE! You demand.

I would like to invite you to open your boxes today. Just open one. Do you love it? Do you need it? Would you buy it again??? If not, donate it. Give it away to someone you know. If you love it, cherish it, wear it, use it and work it. Recycle the packaging, cause you know there is a ton. Repeat.


PS: Need help going through those boxes?! Let's do it together!
Collector Care Professional Organizers will help you go through them all. We whisk away donations, recycling, and will even shred those shopping receipts and packing slips inside.

PPS: We want you to enjoy your purchases, be in the moment. Be mindful of why you turn on these shows. Are you feeling down? Are you bored? Try and honor your feelings of self control. Try a new hobby. Shopping is only in the moment. What can you do for yourself to make your life happy all around?

Friday, January 2, 2015

January is Get Organized Month!
Make An Event Out Of It!

It's the first weekend of the New Year. You are craving order in your home. How do you get started?

Take some time today to schedule organizing into your month. Pull out your calendar, or open your calendar app, and jot down your goals for January. It's time to make organizing an event in your life. thank you!
A great way to start is by penciling in four, one hour slots to tackle clutter. I know you can handle one hour a week.
This can be going through mail and shredding or recycling what you don't need. It can be as simple as doing the dishes or as detailed as organizing your albums. There are so many things you can do in these sessions. You just have to make the time. So treat your de-cluttering like an appointment, and make the time to get things done.

And most of all Collectors, honor your desire to get organized. You deserve it.

Need help getting organized?

Collector Care Professional Organizers offer custom solutions to help you maintain a clutter free life. #collectorCareCares