Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thank You Collectors! A Poem for You ...

Thank you for being Collectors. Everyday my life is brightened because of you.
I wanted to write a poem about being thankful to my Clients so here goes. Feel free to chime in and add your own poem of thankfulness in our comments section!

Thank you freedigitalphotos.net for this awesome pic

Thank you for allowing us into your houses,
Thank you for buying multiple blouses, 
Almost the same but each slightly different,
Why buy one when you can have fifty?
Still in the bag, with tags not removed,
At the back of your closet under new shoes.

Expiration dates are merely a suggestion, 
Unless it's exploded it's fine for ingestion.

Paperwork scattered  on top of all surfaces,
One simple twist tie with so many purposes.

Thank you for always making me smile,
Never forget you ARE worth the while.

Rachel Seavey, Professional Organizer & Extreme Cleaner

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