Sunday, December 29, 2013

Collector Care Chronicles: Miriam

Last month we went into a home of an 85 year old disabled woman that was a level 4 on the ICD hoarding scale. 

When she called she stated she had no family nearby, and that she was afraid for her safety after she had fallen .  it was hours before she could regain her strength and pull herself up. She was terrified I would call protective services, and I assured her we are NOT state mandated and that I was there to help. She finally gave us her address after 45 minutes on the phone.

The front yard was unkempt, the blinds in the window were twisted together bound by dust and mold. Inside, cobwebs decorated the home like giant sheets of cotton candy and the smell of rotten food was beyond overwhelming. Trash was waist high, and very narrow pathways allowed access into the home. One of the two bedrooms was completely blocked by garbage and debris.

It was the first time ANYONE had been invited in for over 10 years and she was clearly defensive and embarrassed.
Through the pain in her eyes we connected and I knew she was willing to accept the help. 

Our team worked 2 days and from top to bottom the place was spotless and sanitary. All trash was hauled. We were able to salvage quite a bit and organized her remaining possessions where she could reach them. It took myself, Tony, Cedric, three house cleaners and 100 contractor bags to restore the home.

She was honory at times, making sure we threw nothing out of importance. We sifted through her items carefully and meticulously, finding cash and checks mixed in with the garbage. She kept us laughing with her constant stories about her life as a young actress in the 50's. Before her husband had died she was quite the high roller. 

I realized that the majority of her mess was because of her not being able to bend or lift. Years of being plagued with arthritis left her in a major depression. She had no children or family to help her. Besides two friends at the senior center - she knew no one.

By posting an ad online, we found a trustworthy neighbor who could come by to take out her trash and help around the house at an affordable rate. Her home was in such good condition after we were done,  the neighbor never knew of the chaos before. Miriam was proud to have help in her new clean home. We set her up on our monthly maintenance plan in order to ensure her success. This includes phone calls and visits.

I spoke with her last night, and she is having a friend over today to visit. We are very excited for her! 

My point of this blog is that no one should have to live in squalor. There is help for those who suffer from hoarding disorder. 

We did not come in and throw everything out with shovels and bags, instead we created an organic plan to ensure our clients success. 

Collector Cares goal is to restore your home and help you maintain it, so that you never have to suffer again.
We are here for you! 

Discreet, honest and professional, we pride ourselves on creating custom clutter solutions for our clients. 925-548-7750
We offer free estimates!

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Happy Holidays Collectors! This year we are giving away a garden tool rack for the garage (pictured below). Are you a gardener? Do you need a safe and efficient rack to help you organize your gardening tools? Most of us do! No more tripping over those rakes and hoses!
If this sounds like something you NEED leave a comment on this blog before 12/22 and let us know why! On December 23rd one lucky Collector will be chosen to win this awesome gift! Totally Free!!!

This could be yours ... just leave a comment!
Thank you so much to Monkey Bars Central Coast/Bay Area for hosting this giveaway!
The Monkey Bars Garage Storage System is the most affordable and versatile storage system available in the bay area. Our customers receive a custom system versatile enough to change as their storage needs do, all at a price that meets their specific budget.
Smart Storage - We separate your storage into long-term and short-term so that you no longer have to dig through boxes and totes to find the items you need.
Manageable - We eliminate the need to use an attic, basement, or storage until. Having your items stored in an accessible manner makes your life simpler.
Custom Designed For Your Garage - Every Monkey Bars System is designed and built to meet your specific needs. We know that your storage needs are going to be different then your neighbors. We have the garage storage Bay Area families love and recommend.

Need help organizing your garage? Let us help you clear the clutter and meet your organizing needs. Need help going through boxes? We are trained, skilled and extremely efficient.
We donate all unwanted items to Shepard's Gate in Livermore,
a non profit for battered women and children; or to the charity of your choice. 
Licensed. Bonded. Insured.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Collector Care Rant:
TV Set Stages and How They Mislead Us

Hello Collectors! What is your favorite TV show? Take a moment and think, what does the home of the characters on your TV show look like? Large home, green grass, white picket fence? How about inside this (TV set) home? Is everything neat and orderly? Ultra organized?

As someone who frequents others homes a lot, I must say, most homes do not look like this inside. These TV sets have been staged, decorated and designed.
This is the background of one of my favorite shows, Breaking Bad.

If you have pets or kids, you know they come with clutter. How did Alice from the Brady Bunch do it?! She didn't. This was a TV show. All of those kids were not trained to be tidy and she was not a Superwoman.

If you have crafts and hobbies that you like to do - this creates clutter. When you watch your crafting shows  (like Martha Stewart), a crew comes out and cleans up all of her mess before she moves on to the next project. She is amazing, but she has HELP. She is not racing around cleaning during commercials.

If you find you are in need of help, it's OK to call a Professional Organizer, that's what we do. We help you create a space that you want-based on your needs. 

Still looking for that Better Homes and Garden look? We work hand in hand with Interior Designers in the event you want your home staged after we have helped you with the clutter. 

Collectors, it takes an entire team to help you create that TV set look. The first start is to clear the items that no longest serve you out of your home. Donate them to a local shelter as soon as you can. 

Collectors, let's give our selves a break, lower our expectations and begin where we can. A lot of our clients while striving on perfection, allow nothing to get done.  

Collector Care Professional Organizers
Servicing Northern and Central California.
Not ready to let someone in? We offer Skype appointments!
Licensed. Bonded. Insured.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Collector Care 4.5 Tips
Reduce the Junk in Your Trunk

Hello Collectors! We  have had the privilege of riding with you in your cluttered cars, as well as helping you clear out your cluttered trunks. We have organized trunks that have been so cram packed; the stuff inside was shaped as a mold of the trunk.  We have clients that have had to sit on their trunk to get it closed.

We know it's not just clutter in your home, but in your vehicle as well. We totally get it.  Depending on the size of your trunk you can really fit a lot in there! You might need those things one day. Or will you?
Things people need in their trunks include: a spare tire, jumper cables, first aid kit, water. Your trunk should not be used as rolling storage or a rolling trash bin.

Another thought - what about your fuel economy? You are paying to haul your junk around. With all that extra weight in your trunk, you are actually costing yourself money.

Below are 4.5 tips to help you clear the clutter in your car trunk, truck bed, back of van etc: (we have seen it all)
  1. Take a large tarp and set it up next to your vehicle somewhere outside safe. Pull everything out of your trunk and put it on the tarp.
  2. Vacuum your trunk and spray air freshener inside. Wipe down any spills.
  3. Remove all the garbage off of the tarp, and dispose or recycle.
  4. Items that go back into the trunk are carefully put back. Items that go back into the home are immediately put away.
  5. Don't forget to put the tarp
Friend the Marquis on Facebook!

The Grand Marquis above has it's own facebook page! If your feeling friendly go ahead and send a friend request! If enough friend requests are sent we will organize the trunk for free!

We hope these tips help you reduce the clutter in your trunk and save you gas money.
Need help organizing your trunk? Call a Collector Care Professional Organizer today!
925-548-7750 or

Monday, December 2, 2013

Collector Care: 4.5 Tips to Combat PTSD and Clutter

Recently Ive noticed a trend with the combination of clutter and ptsd, a complete overwhelm.

Hello Collectors! PTSD is an overwhelming disorder in itself, when clutter is added you might find yourself in CHAOS. Embarrassment to let people in might plague you; along with the shame of not being perfect. You've always been expected to be neat and tidy, why is it that you can no longer enforce order?
HALT!  It's time to stop right there. Please understand that you are undergoing a dramatic change in life, try and cut yourself a little slack. You are not your clutter. Below are  some tips that can help you begin your journey.
  1. Try and remain in the present. If you find yourself flashing back when viewing certain items, save those items to go through at a stronger time in your life.
  2. Begin somewhere neutral of feelings such as the pantry or linen closet. Pull all of the items out, and clean the space you plan to reclaim. Place only items that serve you back. Remaining items can be tossed or donated. If you find yourself easily distracted - set a timer for 30-60 minutes. 
  3. PTSD leaves you feeling stuck. Lost in time. Motionless. Set a calendar reminder for your decluttering efforts so that you don't forget. 
  4. Make sure to open up plenty of windows and let sunlight and fresh air in. Sounds of nature from outside will help bring you into the present. 
  5. Hire a professional organizer, make sure this person has credentials and is bonded, licensed and
I am not credentialed to treat or diagnose any symptom or disorder. The intent of this blog is only informational and based on my insight as an organizer. Please read the ICD code of ethics to read the standards I adhere by.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Collector Care's 4.5 Tips on Preparing for an Organizing Session

Hi Collectors! One of my favorite questions is "what should I do before you get here in order to prepare for our organizing session?". Here are 4.5 things you can do before a Collector Care Professional Organizer comes to your home!
  1. Get plenty of rest the night before. Decluttering is exhausting, having a rested mind and body is important.
  2. Do not clean before we get there! We want to see your space as it usually is, and we want you nice and rested before we come.
  3. Eat a healthy breakfast. If you need protein bars for quick snack breaks keep them plenty close.
  4. Drink a lot of water. Organizing can make you thirsty! Make sure you have plenty of water on hand so you aren't parched during a session. 
  5. Relax. This is an exciting time in your life. Think about how wonderful your space will be after we leave. Don't worry about what we will think when we come. It takes a lot to shock us. Why just the other day we saw
So there you have it Collectors. Rest, eat, water and peace. We know you can handle it!

 Rachel Seavey, Professional Organizer and Blogger for Collector Care

Collector Care specializes in hoarding disorder, chronic disorganization and professional organizing. We  love what we do, and  provide realistic expectations and timelines. Please visit our website at  or call 925-548-7750
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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Collector Care Interviews: Cedric Elzey Collector Care Organizer

Hello Collectors! Our little business has grown quite a bit this year, and I am very excited to introduce you to Cedric one of our new Collector Care Organizers.
Cedric reminds me of a young Sidney Poitier, if Sidney were a fire-medic. Oh yes, besides being incredibly well mannered and dashing, Cedric is a fire-medic when he is not helping us out. Read on to learn more about this awesome guy!

Rachel: Cedric, tell us a little about your background. You are such an active guy! What do you do when you are not organizing with us?
Cedric: I was raised in San Francisco, CA.  I speak French very well. I enjoy sprinting, traveling, and spending time with my lady and my family. Basketball, bowling, and racquetball ball are the sports that I enjoy playing. My professional background includes Fire, Paramedicine
Cedric Elzey
Cedric Elzey
, and Construction.  I enjoy interacting with people from all walks of life which makes me a well-rounded individual. 

Rachel: One of my favorite things about you is your in depth safety knowledge. From a paramedics perspective (in respect to clutter)what are your three biggest safety concerns when helping someone who is hurt?
Cedric: Among many safety concerns that a Paramedic may come across while helping a person in need, medically,  would be the risk of injury or death due to being trapped under falling debris; risk of disease, injury or infestation by insects or rodents; and,  slips, trips, and falls are often compounded by the fact that the paramedic is carrying a patient on a stretcher.

Rachel: We so often hear of Collectors that are injured by landslides of STUFF. What about your concerns when you are wearing your Fire Fighter hat? Is it harder to rescue someone with a lot of clutter and why?
Cedric: Among many safety concerns that a Firefighter may come across while helping a person in need would be the increased risk of fire due to the accumulation of combustibles such as papers, clothing and rubbish which poses a severe fire hazard; Risk of structural damage due to the weight of the items being hoarded; and, blocked escape from fire due to the exits, hallways, windows and doors being obstructed by debris. 

Rachel: It sounds like rescuing STUFF is not even an option, if you can barely rescue people inside. What about pets in the clutter? Are you able to rescue them? Many of our clients have pets.
Cedric: I never was in the position or situation to rescue any pets from a cluttered home.  I could imagine that the fire would grow very rapidly because of the home being very full of personal belongings; thus, making any rescue efforts futile. The clutter would get in the way of the rescue effort.

Rachel: What is the worst situation you have encountered when trying to help somebody with a lot of clutter in their home?
Cedric: Responded to a difficulty breathing call to a 50's male at his residence.  My crew and I arrived to be greeted by a young girl whom directed us to her grandfather who was located on the 2nd floor of this gorgeous home.  She made her way through piles of trash and paper leading to the stairs.  The pile of trash and paper came up to her waistline.  It was decided that the gurney was to be placed at the foot of the stairs leading up to the second floor.  On the second floor we were greeted with piles and piles of paper and clothing while trying to access the patient.  A non-rebreather mask w/O2 was hooked up to the patient after climbing over the piles of clothing and paper just to get to him.  It was decided to just carry the patient downstairs and onto the gurney and out to the ambulance and into a safer environment in order to continue to access patient.  Time was wasted trying to negotiate the piles of mess in order to get the patient and the crew out of the home safely.

Rachel: Wow. How scary for all involved.  Please give us three tips on ways our Collectors can make easy access in their homes for paramedics and fire fighters:
  1. Keep doorways and all points of entry and exit clear of clutter.  
  2. Identify and relay any potential occult hazards that wouldn't be obvious to rescue personnel.  
  3. Keep floors clear of any spills and any slip hazards. 
Rachel: I love number 2. Collectors, please let others know (including your organizer) of any potential avalanches. Very helpful as I have personally been caught in quite a few.  
Thank you for visiting our blog Cedric, what are your plans for Turkey Day?

Cedric: I intend on volunteering at either a convalescent home or a nursing home again for this holiday season. 

Rachel: There you have it Collectors, you gotta love this guy. He comes on the scene with an energy like nobody's business. He can flip a room as well as I can AND our clients love him. He has got to be one of the nicest guys I have ever met.

Collector Care is  licensed, insured and bonded. Get the help you need today by visiting or calling 925-548-7750.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Collector Care: 4.5 Holiday Travel Tips for Collectors, Savers and Preppers imageHappy Holidays Collectors! Thanksgiving is traditionally the busiest travel weekend of the year. Traveling during Thanksgiving often requires patience and a lot of preparation.

Here are 4.5 Travel Tips for Collectors like yourself who are information junkies, prepppers, clutterers, and savers. Enjoy the humor, absorb the good tips and travel on!
  1. Plan ahead. Collectors, we know you like a good deal. Take advantage of lower rates in the early fall by using social media. Sign up for sale notifications from your airline of choice on Facebook and Twitter. It’s never too early to start your holiday travel planning. 
  2. Pack light/travel light Most of our Collectors have multiple travel bags, before your trip designate one specific travel bag.  Do NOT buy any  travel products, look inside your many existing travel bags and purses for what you need and consolidate. We know you have many toothbrushes, toiletries, and hand sanitizers laying about the house. Take a day to corral them all for your trip. It will save you money and a trip to the store.
  3. Find your ID's and Passports. Every week our team recovers passports, ID's, social security cards, checks, check books, gift cards. Collectors, you are going to have to designate ONE safe place for these crucial items. They do not belong in the kitchen pantry under a computer. I'm just saying. If you need help finding something our Tony Leonardini is a recovery specialist and he is more than happy to come help. image
  4. Print your boarding pass at home, or have the link on your phone. We know you battle with losing papers, try your best to keep these in your "current" purse or in sight. I find keeping them in a bright orange folder helps. If all else fails, leave enough time to wait at the counter for check-in.
  5. Plan a day to unpack after your trip. I have emptied countless travel bags filled with
We wish you happy travels Collectors! Do your best to not collect too many shampoos and soaps while you are traveling. Note pads and pens can be left in the hotel room. You have everything you need at home, enjoy your clutter free trip!

Collector Care Professional Organizers specialize in custom solutions for clutter, chronic disorganization and hoarding. If you need help locating documents, important identification, or money in order to travel, we can help! Our Organizers are thorough, efficient and honest. We are licensed, insured and bonded. What do you have to lose ... besides the stuff we can find?!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

4.5 Reasons You Should Hire a Collector Care Professional Organizer

Hello Collectors! A bit nervous about hiring a professional organizer? Worried about letting someone in? Being judged? Pressured to throw things away? I know this all too well, I hear it all the time.
What I hear after we have worked  is "why didn't I call you a long time ago?!".

Would you trust your neighbor do your dental work? No, you would go to a dentist.
Would you let an 8 year old drive you home? No, you would call a taxi.
Would you hire a school teacher to do your plumbing problems?! Of course not, you would hire a plumber. So when clutter has got you down, why would you not call a professional organizer? It makes sense folks.

We are trained to be extremely thorough, efficient and professional. We handle your stuff with the most delicate of care. We are smart, funny, energetic and non-judgmental. Collector Care Professional Organizers are NAPO members and ICD subscribers. We train our staff on managing client expectations, working with clients with disabilities, and teaching OSHA standards. We pride ourselves on our work, and are always learning new methods and techniques.

Need more encouragement? Here you go Collectors!
  1. Misc. clutter builds up. You find yourself overwhelmed and don't know where to start. We come over, with a methodical plan and we organize your belongings in a functional way.
  2. You have a bunch of stuff in your garage/attic/kitchen/basement and you want it gone through, organized and/or hauled away. We have all the tools and skills to help you do this efficiently.
    Bye bye clutter!
  3. You can't have repairs done in your home due to clutter. We will help you get your place up to par so those repairs can happen. We are not state mandated. We won't call your landlord.  We won't call the police. We won't post your pictures on the internet without your consent. We really want to help you.
  4. You are limited by your disabilities.  We work side by side with our clients to develop custom systems that work. We have clients with Chronic Fatigue, Lyme Disease, ADHD, and Clinical Depression (just to name a few). We create a pleasant and healthy work space to help you feel comfortable during the entire process.
  5. You don't want someone bossing you around and being in control of your stuff. Wonderful Collectors, YOU are in charge of the entire process. You say what stays and what goes. We donate to the charity of your 
Did I mention we are licensed, insured and bonded? Ok Collectors, I hope that gets your wonderful minds going. Thank you for reading this blog, most of our clients are knowledge collectors and I love hearing that you follow us on our blog and social media (hugs!).

Rachel Seavey, Owner & Blogger of Collector Care
Collector Care specializes in hoarding disorder, chronic disorganization and professional organizing. We  love what we do, and  provide realistic expectations and timelines. Please visit our website at  or call 925-548-7750
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Monday, November 11, 2013

Collector Care: 4.5 Products That We Love

Hello Collectors! Want to know what our favorite products are? We want to share them with you! These are products that we use all of the time from our minor #clutter jobs to our major #hoarding jobs.

It's always nice to get free samples, so if you are one of these companies, no pressure!

  1. Husky Contractor Bags. I fell in love with these years ago at Home Depot. They can carry a LOT of garbage and donations! These bags are in no means flimsy and are WAY heavy duty. 
  2. Lysol Disinfectant. Spray, spritz, pour whatever it comes in, it gets the job done. And it does not leave spots on your clothing like bleach. For someone who wears black a lot, this is important. 
  3. 3M N95 Respirators and masks with particulate filters. Ow! Keeps dust and odors out while decluttering.
  4. Dickie's Pants. We can't get enough of the multiple pockets and the long lasting wear.
  5. Hand Sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. Small enough to fit in your pocket, with many fragrances to

Random Rant On Plastic Bins - from a Hoarding Specialist's Prospective

Howdy Collectors! It's time to corral up all of your plastic bins. They could be clear, many of them are a solid color and some of them have patterns.

The one thing I will tell ya, is they all have DIFFERENT SIZED lids! What is up with that??? Why are lids not UNIVERSAL?? Lids should not be PROPRIETARY! How am I supposed to be efficient while searching through lids for that perfect fit?

Much love to our #hoarding and #ocd clients who know exactly which lids goes to what with the quickest glance.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Collector Care: 4.5 Tips Organizing Your Outdoor Entry Way

  1. Make your address visible. Hire a professional to paint the numbers on the sidewalk for added safety.
  2. Wash down your porch with a garden hose. Sweep off water and air dry.
  3. Wash your outdoor windows. If you can't do this yourself, hire a local handyman or a company that does this. Find a reasonable rate or try a garden hose attachment product.
  4. Empty out your mailbox. Junk goes into recycle - important goes into a safe location in the home.
  5. Throw away dead plants or old planters. Any outside trash

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Collector Care Before & After Photos : Hoarding Clean Up - Bathroom

Hello Collectors! The title of this post should be clear enough, so if you are still here - prepare to see the kick ass job we did in this bathroom. All of the trash had been removed but feces/urine/blood was still present. Often we deep clean bathrooms and kitchens to complete a job. Did you know that regular cleaning companies (ie; Merry Maid) will not do this kind of job? We pride ourselves on flipping your home. I get on my hands and knees and scrub myself. I get asked that question a lot :)

Master Bathroom Before
Hang on the best is coming ... if you are reading this now, I commend you for your enthusiasm!

So there you have it folks, no job is too dirty for Collector Care. We do not judge any of our clients and are very grateful when someone allows us not only into their home, but to take photos for our showcase.

Collector Care professional organizers and hoarding experts are here 6 days a week to help you on your journey. Whether you need your garage organized or you cannot get into rooms in your house, we are here for you!

Rachel Seavey, Professional Organizer (and blogger) For Collector Care

Collector Care specializes in hoarding disorder, chronic disorganization and professional organizing. We  love what we do, and  provide realistic expectations and timelines. Please visit our website at  or call 925-548-7750
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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Collector Care Book Review: Buried in Treasures

Collector Care Book Review: Buried in Treasures
Help for Compulsive Acquiring, Saving, and Hoarding.

By David F. Tolin, Randy O. Frost, and Gail Steketee.

Buy through Amazon using the ICD affiliate link (help ICD!)
Buried in Treasures can be read by an acquirer, a saver, a hoarder, a loved one, or a professional wanting to learn more about beating hoarding. If self-help books usually work for you, or self-help is the route you want to take at this time in your life – read this book. It offers practical methods to beating clutter with realistic timelines that work. The key point is that you are dedicated to helping yourself, and that you do not give up. Backsliding is normal, so keep on chugging. This book will help. It is easy to read, and the authors are engaging. They will cheer you along the way. These are the some of the most elite professionals in our field, this book is a gold mine. Trust in them and trust in yourself. 

If you are a family member or concerned friend, just know that hoarding can be treated! Don’t give up on your loved one. By reading this book, you might begin to understand what your loved one is actually going through.  You will be given methods to help relieve YOUR concern, anger, sadness and anxiety about your loved ones disorder. Buried in Treasures will open your awareness on how to address this issue with your loved one in a manner that works.

As a professional organizer I find this book helpful as a way to help my clients beat hoarding. The questions at the end of each chapter are much like the ones I use with my clients, in addition to many new ideas I plan to use going forward. This book is a mandatory read if you want to be an ICD Hoarding Specialist. I recommend this book to any professional organizer who is interested in hoarding.

Below are five topics from this book that I picked out and commented on. There is a TON of info in this book and I only begin to scratch the surface of all the "buried treasures" within this book.

  1. What is hoarding? This book is an excellent resource for the answer to this question.  A side note states “One of the key features of compulsive hoarding is that the clutter is so bad that portions of the home are unusable.” It also goes in to the three criteria that are thought to be present in hoarding disorder.  Chapter 2 explains hoarding thoroughly.
  2.  Hoarding is treatable. “Compulsive hoarding is recognized as a diagnosable (and treatable) behavioral syndrome.” This is coming straight from leading experts. Believing this is a key role in conquering hoarding.
  3. “Whereas most people define themselves by what they do, people with hoarding problems often define themselves by what they have. “ Being aware of this will help you win your battle. No one said this is easy work. The more aware you are of yourself, and your identity, you will begin to define yourself in healthier ways.
  4. “Try scheduling your organizing sessions during the time your brain is most likely to cooperate.” This is a huge key to organizing success. If you are not a “morning person”, a “night owl”, have ADHD, TBI, physical disabilities, etc. Plan to organize at a time when you are at your best. Get a good night’s sleep, eat and drink plenty of water before during and after your organizing spurts! Take care of yourself and do not overdo it. 
  5. “If you are hooked on Saturday morning yard sales, find something else to do”. You cannot beat hoarding if you are bringing more stuff in. There are so many other things you can do with your time. How about finally reading one of the hundreds of books you own? Finally taking in that charity bag, cleaning out your car, taking your dog on a walk, taking your recycling in, etc! Enough is enough folks. If you are a shopper, you have got to take yourself out of those situations until your hoarding is under control. 

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. Please feel free to leave a comment on this blog about Buried in Treasures, or feel free to ask any questions about this book or hoarding.  If you are looking for other good books on Hoarding I suggest reading Digging Out by Dr. Michael Tompkins, any book by Judith Kolberg,  the ICD Guide to Challenging Disorganization, or visit the ICD website.
Collector Care specializes in hoarding disorder and we work side by side with our clients to improve their living standards. If you know of someone who hoards, or if you are a hoarder please don’t hesitate to give us a call. 925-548-7750. Not ready yet? Check out our website, Facebook,or Twitter.
Rachel Seavey, Professional Organizer (and blogger) For Collector Care

Collector Care specializes in hoarding disorder, chronic disorganization and professional organizing. We  love what we do, and  provide realistic expectations and timelines. Please visit our website at  or call 925-548-7750