Monday, January 27, 2014

Collector Care's 4.5 Tips on Organizing Your Prescription Medicine

Hello Collectors!
We completely understand that you are in pain, or you have depression. We are all about you doing what you have to do to feel better. I just get very nervous when ... your prescription medications are all over the place. I covered this lightly on my blog about staying organized while undergoing surgery... but after finding bottles and bottles of really hard stuff often - I decided it should become its own topic of discussion. Do you take medication? Whether you misplace your bottles within the clutter and have to reorder them, or you are forgetful and leave them around - this blog is for you.

The most important thing is to keep all of your medication away from other people (especially kids) and away from your pets.

Below are 4.5 tips to help you stay organized when you take prescription medicine.
  1.  Corral. Keep all of your prescriptions together in one clear plastic bin. Use weekly pill containers and divide up your medication two - three weeks at a time. Make note on your calendar for upcoming refills so there are no surprises.
  2. Organize. Use two different colors for your containers so you can make it easy to tell which pills you take at day and night. Keep these containers in the same place everyday, located close to where you take your medicine.
    Check out our Pinterest ideas above!
  3. Assign. Multiple household members taking medicine? Assign specific colored containers for each family member so that there are no accidents. Not using a container? Color the top of the bottle with a different colored sharpie for each member.
  4. List. If you easily forget whether you have taken your meds or not, you might want to download a printable list and track your medication closely.
  5. Dispose. Not sure where to take your old medicine? find a location on this
Ok Collectors, we hope you feel better / get better and take your prescriptions as directed by your doctor. Overwhelmed with managing your prescriptions yourself? Have a professional organizer help you get it under control. We are here to help! 

Rachel Seavey, Professional Organizer (and blogger) For Collector Care

Collector Care specializes in hoarding disorder, chronic disorganization and professional organizing. We  love what we do, and  provide realistic expectations and timelines. Please visit our website at  or call 925-548-7750
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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Affirmations for Collectors:
Inspiration to Help You Curb Clutter

Hey Collectors!
Do you need some inspiration while decluttering? We all need encouragement in our lives.
As someone who is very passionate about their work, I wanted to create visual and audio support for people with clutter.

Last year I interviewed and wrote an "Affirmations for Collectors" blog featuring inspirational words from Geralin Thomas, Dr. Melva Green, Annie Rhorbach, and Dr. Regina Lark. These women are leading experts in the organizing field, and they all feel as strongly about affirmations as I do.

Rachel Seavey at Hypercussion Studios
Hypercussion Studios, Berkeley
This year, I have gone into the music studio and created an "Affirmations for Collectors" single download created specifically with the Collector in mind.  With the power of positive thinking, it is amazing what you can do! Grab some items to go through, find a comfy place to sit and listen. You can repeat these affirmations out loud or quietly to yourself, and breathe deeply while going through items to sor. Listen to "Affirmations for Collectors" in the car, or while you are gardening or taking a walk. Allow yourself to accept the invitation to relax and feel good about your decluttering efforts.

How to download "Affirmations for Collectors":
1. Open iTunes music store - search for "Rachel Seavey" - download.
2. Go to our facebook page and click the link at the top that says music store.

All proceeds from the single will go towards another "Affirmations" project.

Thank you for stopping by Collectors!

Need more encouragement? Hire a Collector Care Professional Organizer to inspire you on your clutter free journey. By working together, you can have accountability, efficiency and success. Asking for help is imperative for those with hoarding disorder and chronic disorganization.

You will live in a clutter free home.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hoarding Disorder
And How It Could Harm Your Pet

Hello Pet Loving Collectors!!! We know you love your pets! We are not going to lecture you about this when we arrive. That being said, let's discuss hoarding disorder and how it harms your pets.
Does your pet have an adequate place to stretch out?
We have met a lot of dogs and cats that have always had a cramped space to live. Most of these pets suffer from joint problems. Make sure you have a nice flat spot on the floor for your pet, preferably in front of a window or sunlight for added pleasure.

Does your pet have access to spoiled food and water? By throwing out rancid pet food and cleaning out your pets water bowl often, you save yourself trips to the vet. We have noticed a lot of pets in hoarding homes suffer from skin infections, or are on antibiotics. Make sure that your pet always has fresh food and water.

The avalanche. Use your imagination. Your pet can and will get trapped and possibly killed in this event. Cats love to hide in the middle of possible avalanche areas. PLEASE try your best to not create these hazards. Unfortunately, we find deceased pets more often then you think.

Medication. Keep your meds away from your pets. This includes pot brownies (another story we hear quite a bit!) Your pets are your children. They are very curious. It is up to you to protect them.

Collector Care is not state mandated nor are we trying to take your pets away. We love animals just as much as you and understand that most of these animals know no other way, and are VERY happy. They grew up in CHAOS, and they are your best friends. We also understand that hoarding disorder can be overwhelming and we are on your side. By gaining insight on your disorder, and asking for help, you WILL overcome this!

Do you need help making this all happen? Hire a Professional Organizer! We are trained, licensed, bonded, insured and discreet. Let us help you and your furry loved ones create a safe space you love.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Collector Care 4.5 Tips on Staying Organized While Undergoing Surgery

Hey Collectors! Are you going into surgery? Have you recently been? You might know that staying organized while being sick is not fun. The world does not stop. Your kids are hungry, and your boss wants you back in ASAP. Even your cat demands food while you try and recover. Dishes are stacking up, laundry is piling up, and all the while you are expected to maintain your cool and heal. NOT! Give yourself a break and if you can - create a plan. Plastic surgery and elective surgery clients should especially make a plan! Below are 4.5 tips to help you recover in a more organized fashion:
  1. Plan your time. If you know your are going under, try and schedule out your week before hand. Write out a chore schedule for your household that works.
  2. Less mess. Eat something easy on paper plates.
  3. Keep your meds organized by keeping them all in one place. It's hard to find your medication when you are a) already medicated b) living in clutter or c) recovering.
  4. Keep everything you need close by. Make yourself a tray with toiletries, snacks, water, medication, etc. so that you don't over exert yourself throughout the day getting these things. Try and keep this tray (or if you live alone, a small plastic bin with a handle) close by.
  5. Hire an organizer. We are trained to help you stay organized while you have
Thanks for stopping by Collectors! Remember, it's OK to ask for help!

Rachel Seavey, Professional Organizer (and blogger) For Collector Care

Collector Care specializes in hoarding disorder, chronic disorganization and professional organizing. We  love what we do, and  provide realistic expectations and timelines. Please visit our website at  or call 925-548-7750
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Collector Care Tips:4.5 Tips on Hoarding and Backsliding (and how to maintain a clutter free home)

Greetings Collectors! If you have ever read any of Judith Kolberg's books on hoarding disorder and chronic disorganization, than you know that backsliding is a normal part of the process.
You have spent the majority of your life living a certain way, and now you are forced to develop new habits in order to succeed in an organized environment. It's tough. Some call it brutal.

Below are 4.5 tips to help you succeed after the organizing process:
  1. Focus on the present. Maintain your space. If you are not used to picking up, maintaining a clutter free counter top is tricky. This is not the time to fine tune, this is the time to maintain.
  2. Where does this stuff GO? Make sure you develop a plan for after your cleanup to ensure success. Have your organizer show you where everything is, and don't be afraid to ask!
  3. Don't get held up on perfection. Just because you don't know where exactly something goes right that second, don't give up. Don't let it pile up. Don't allow yourself to procrastinate and blame others or the world for not knowing where it goes. Call your organizer and ask.
  4. Do your homework. If your organizer left you with 3 boxes of paperwork to sort a month, do it. A good organizer will check in with you and offer maintenance in between.
  5. Hire help! Your home is presentable now, call an insured and bonded cleaning service to
Just remember Collectors, it's normal to backslide and feel overwhelmed even AFTER you have been organized. Set yourself up for success by finding an organizer who offers maintenance and by asking for outside help.

Collector Care Professional Organizers specialize in hoarding disorder, chronic disorganization, and maintenance plans. We offer FREE estimates in and around Northern California. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Collector Care's 7 Tip Checklist For Planning A Garage Sale

Hello Collectors! Usually I bring you 4.5 tips, but a garage sale has a lot of planning involved. Below are 7 collaborative tips from Collector Care and other organizing experts to help your garage sale run smoothly.  

  1. Heads up. A few weeks before the sale, give everyone in your family a box to fill with items they no longer want or use. If you're not sure of what to toss, Barry Izsak offers three ways to decide: "If you don't love it; it's not useful; and you haven't used it in several years, turn it into cash, " this well-known garage organizing expert says. 
  2. Plan. Schedule your sale on a Saturday near the first or 15th of the month, when most people get paid. Hoarder's expert Geralin Thomas says "The best months for sales are April, May, June and September" on her blog.
  3. Present. Dust, wash or clean your stuff. Make sure toys or electronics have all the pieces attached. Hang clothes on a rack, if you have one. Use plastic ziploc bags to group children's Lego's, cosmetics, hardware, and other small items. 
  4. Comfort. Display your wares on tables. Don't make people bend down to look at your stuff. 
  5. Electronics? Have an extension cord handy to show that appliances and electrical gadgets work. 
  6. Negotiate. Be flexible when it comes to price. "If someone picks up something you're selling, be willing to deal with them right then and drop your price," says Izsak. "They might be the only person all day who wants that item." 
  7. Get rid of what's left. It's already out of the house, so keep it that way. Put unsold stuff by the curb, or cart it off for donation as soon as your sale is over.
We hope your garage sale is a success!Thank you for stopping by!

Did you know we help prepare for garage sales, yard sales, estate sales, and foreclosures? Make your next event even more profitable by hiring a Collector Care Professional Organizer!
Licensed. Bonded. Insured.

Rachel Seavey, Professional Organizer (and blogger) For Collector Care

Collector Care specializes in hoarding disorder, chronic disorganization and professional organizing. We  love what we do, and  provide realistic expectations and timelines. Please visit our website at  or call 925-548-7750
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Collector Care: 4.5 Tips On Shoe Clutter

Collectors, do you love SHOES? We know you do! Do you find yourself looking for the mate of a shoe often? Are your shoes so cluttered that you don't even know what you own anymore? Does this cause you to buy duplicate pairs? Below are 4.5 Tips on how to get your shoe clutter under control!

  1. Corral all shoes into one room. Sort by 3 types. Keep, donate and trash.
  2. Items to donate. Start putting these into a bag. Do not wait for the shoe to find it's mate. The donation center can handle this. Don't let perfection hold you back on this one.
  3. Items to trash. Let's face it Collectors, shoes get worn. It's time to let go those heels you might take in someday to have fixed, the boots with scuffs so hard you can't tell what color they are ... etc. These are not "gardening" or "lounging" shoes, they are garbage. 
  4. Items to keep. Place your favorite go to shoes where you get dressed, preferably where you can see them. Keep these in the same place always.  Additional shoes can be sorted by season or occasion and stored or organized either in the same closet or in bins. 
  5. Check out our Pinterest board for ideas on organizing your

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Collector Care Before & After's: Hoarding Cleanup

Hello Collectors! Below is a job that we did for a hoarding disorder client who was going through a very difficult time. Our 65year old client had lost her husband, and did not want to go back to the home they shared for 30 years.

The only reason she stopped by in the last two years was to feed her cats. She was plagued with depression, anxiety and fear. Our initial phone call was almost an hour. With the help of her realtor, we decided to go in for the assessment without her.

When I stepped into the home, the overwhelming smell of cat urine, feces, hair and dust took my breath. I could see where they had had their last meal together,
dishes were still in the sink, papers had been left out with intent to sort. The life that had once been in this home was no longer.
For 30 years the two of them hoarded all sorts of items in their home.  Clothing, books, decorative items, collectibles. The day her husband died, she never went back to her home or her stuff. She stayed with a friend until she found an apartment. She now needed to face her fears, and address the home as she was in need of selling it for money. After looking around for a while, I knew that we could help her.

Due to the poor condition of most of the items (cat urine and cat feces, there had also been a rodent, spider and cockroach infestation) we decided we could not donate anything contaminated. Below is a pic of our 40 foot yard dumpster empty...
And full ...

We were able to scrap most metal and recycle all e-waste which saved a huge load going to the landfill.

Here are more pictures on the job...

Tony & Cedric on demolition!
Time for an extreme cleaning!
After one exhausting day we were able to completely restore the home to selling condition. We had an incredible team of haulers, scrap metal-ers, organizers and house cleaners to make this happen.

We had to remove the carpet and padding to make this work.

Our client has still not gone back to her home, but feels as though "an incredible weight has been lifted". She has begun therapy and has managed to keep her apartment tidy. Her home is now on the market, and we wish her luck!

Follow this job on our YouTube page for video of us in action!

This client was rare in the case that she wanted to keep nothing. The point of this blog is to show our Collectors just how quickly we can make your wishes happen. Do I wish she was more involved? Absolutely. I encourage every client to make decisions! But this is not about me, is it?!

Free yourselves Collectors! licensed. bonded. insured. discreet.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Collector Care's 2014 TimeTimer Giveaway!

Happy New Years Collectors! Do you struggle with time management? Do you find it hard to sort through your clutter for long periods of time? At Collector Care, we love the TimeTimer and suggest it as an auditory and visual aide to use while decluttering.

Why use the TimeTimer while decluttering? You get carried away sorting your clothing and you end up being late to an event. The TimeTimer dings and shows you your time in red so that you know when you need to stop. Also, if you are decluttering in short bursts, the TimeTimer reminds you when your 15 or 30 minutes is up, and you can go on about your day.

We are giving away 2 TimeTimers this January! To enter the giveaway please comment on our blog and let us know why you think you need this tool. On January 31st we will draw two lucky winners!

Now is the TIME for you Collectors!

Read Rachel Seavey's interview with TimeTimer
Read more about why we love TimeTimer
Purchase a TimeTimer

Free Estimates. Licensed. Insured. Bonded.