Sunday, January 12, 2014

Collector Care: 4.5 Tips On Shoe Clutter

Collectors, do you love SHOES? We know you do! Do you find yourself looking for the mate of a shoe often? Are your shoes so cluttered that you don't even know what you own anymore? Does this cause you to buy duplicate pairs? Below are 4.5 Tips on how to get your shoe clutter under control!

  1. Corral all shoes into one room. Sort by 3 types. Keep, donate and trash.
  2. Items to donate. Start putting these into a bag. Do not wait for the shoe to find it's mate. The donation center can handle this. Don't let perfection hold you back on this one.
  3. Items to trash. Let's face it Collectors, shoes get worn. It's time to let go those heels you might take in someday to have fixed, the boots with scuffs so hard you can't tell what color they are ... etc. These are not "gardening" or "lounging" shoes, they are garbage. 
  4. Items to keep. Place your favorite go to shoes where you get dressed, preferably where you can see them. Keep these in the same place always.  Additional shoes can be sorted by season or occasion and stored or organized either in the same closet or in bins. 
  5. Check out our Pinterest board for ideas on organizing your

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