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Collector Care Interviews - 50 Shades of Dr. Gray: Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gray From MD LASER SPA In Pleasanton

Dr. Robert F. GrayHello there Dahlings welcome to this mahvelous post.

I truly live in the land of the "beautiful". Sunny California! In addition I have many clients who use plastic surgeons and swear by them as their "secret" beauty tip. Last week, I found myself caring for a post face lift client.
Along with organizing, I was learning about what she could and could not do, and wanted to compile tips for women who need assistance post operation. How could I do this? Search Google? What if the advice was not accurate? Why not interview the best facial plastic surgeon in town? Drumroll please ...

Dr. Gray owns MD Laser SPA in Pleasanton California.
He has mad skills - I have no idea how he can take 20 years off of someones appearance but he does everyday - all day.  Dr. Gray was so nice when I asked him if I could interview him. He is nothing but a pleasure to deal with.

We plan on collaborating monthly for Collector Care tips, so please feel free to post questions or comments!

Rachel: What made you decide to become a facial plastic surgeon?
Dr. Gray: I decided to become a facial plastic surgeon early in medical school. They have a very strong department head and neck surgery and facial and plastic and reconstructive surgery at my medical school in St. Louis. I thoroughly enjoyed the complexity of the anatomy and surgery that is done in the head and neck area. Outside the brain there is definitely no more complex part of a persons body. I enjoyed the reconstructive options as well as the cosmetic options. As you know our face is the most is one of our most important assets.

Rachel: What is the best thing about being a plastic surgeon?
Dr. Gray:
I thoroughly enjoy being able to help someone improve their appearance. I feel very confident that I'm able to achieve their facial goals. I should mention that I run a very successful medical spa that offers all types of noninvasive cosmetic services. I enjoy being able to combine this with surgical treatments to give the person the absolute best outcome.

Rachel: What is your least favorite thing about being a plastic surgeon?
Dr. Gray
: When the biggest challenges that I face as a surgeon is that people need recovery time following their procedure. In today's very busy society it is often very difficult for anyone to take any significant time off of work to recover. Sometimes surgery is really the only option for a person. We do offer nonsurgical treatments but sometimes surgery is the best thing for a person

Rachel: What are three non conventional things women can do before getting injections to reduce swelling?
Dr. Gray: We will often have patients stop taking any anti-inflammatory medications, multivitamins, blood thinners or fish oil prior to getting injections. In addition people also can use something called Arnica and also can eat or drink pineapple to reduce bruising and swelling following an injection treatment

Rachel: What is the biggest mistake most patients make after a facelift?
Dr. Gray:
The biggest mistake that some patients make following a facelift,  is not giving himself enough time to recover. I explained to them that most people need two to three weeks for the recovery process. Some people think that it is only just a few days. This is a misconception due to some inappropriate advertising and marketing usually by a company called Lifestyle Lift.

Rachel: If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?
Dr. Gray: One of the biggest joys that I have is vacation time with my family. We often trying to go to nice warm beaches and just relax. That's my ideal vacation.

Not only crazy talented, but super sweet and honest! So excited to have Dr. Gray on as a guest more often! Please submit any questions or comments and we will do our best to answer them!
Dr. Gray, honors graduate from St. Louis University School of Medicine, is dual Board-Certified in all aspects of complex facial plastic surgery. During his academic years he completed a residency in head and neck surgery at Emory University in Atlanta and served as Chief resident in training and went on to complete an advanced fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery from the University of California at San Francisco.

Dr. Gray has developed a specialized practice on facial plastic surgery, allowing him to focus entirely on all types of facial and neck rejuvenation. He offers a full array of services ranging from non-surgical to minimally invasive surgery, such as: non-surgical procedures include Botox/Dysport, Collagen, Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Chemical Peels, Intense Pulse Light therapy, laser skin resurfacing, fractionated skin resurfacing laser hair removal, spider vein treatment and skin care. Some of his surgical procedures include: eyelid surgery, endoscopic browlift, rhinoplasty, facelift surgery, ear pinning (otoplasty), chin and cheek implants, and scar revision.

To keep current on all procedures, Dr. Gray regularly attends specialized surgical meetings throughout the country to learn, discuss and perfect the latest advances in cosmetic surgery. He has been the featured guest speaker at several meetings on Facial Plastic Surgery and has been listed in several newspapers articles highlighting his work and accomplishments.
(Click here to see some of Dr. Gray's press coverage).
Throughout his career, Dr. Gray has performed several thousand surgeries including cosmetic surgery, severe facial trauma, major cancer reconstructive surgery and birth defect repair.

Dr. Gray is a Fellow of the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and of the American College of Surgeons. He is active in the California Facial Plastic Surgery Association and a Diplomat of the
American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

To learn more about your facial rejuvenation options, please Dr. Gray and his staff at 

(925) 548-7750 for a consultation.

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3 Botox Beauty Tips From MD LASER SPA In Pleasanton

Have you ever thought about getting Botox? Here are three tips to avoid extra swelling and bruising.
  1. Avoid drinking red wine the night before and day of.
  2. Do not take any fish oil pills or have sushi the night before and day of.
  3. Don't take any NSAIDS or ibuprofen within 24 hours.
These are all tips that reduce bruising and bleeding at injection sites. To make an appointment with Dr. Gray or any of his wonderful nurses or staff please visit
Happy spa day folks!

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