Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Collector Care: 4.5 Tips On Keeping Up With Laundry

Having a hard time keeping up with laundry? Is it easier to keep up with the Kardashian's? Below are 4.5 tips on how to keep control of laundry without letting it take over your life!
  1. The first thing you are going to want to do is let go of perfectionism. Sort your laundry by whites and colors. Yes there could be a towel pile, or a lingerie pile or a delicates pile too. How about a pile for donations, a pile for your sisters friend, and one that you might fit into later. HALT! You will never wash your laundry if you spend this much time meticulously sorting. If laundry is out of control, keep it simple. Whites and colors. Run your items on delicate with cold water if you are worried about them, the most important thing is to tackle that pile.
  2. Set a schedule on when you have time to do laundry. If you are not  a morning person, do your laundry at night while watching TV. If you are a morning person, throw in a load first thing and then dry it after your morning routine. Letting laundry sit damp is worse than not doing it at all. Always make sure you set enough time on the dryer to fully dry your clothing.
  3. Don't make yourself late searching for that special shirt, or waiting for a load to dry. Keep items that you wear often in the same place to help increase productivity.
  4. If something is still feels clean and you can wear it "again" go for  it, just toss it in the dryer and go. 
  5. Go to a dry cleaner that launders. If you can afford it, I would recommend this. Drop off baskets at a time and pick them up in a few

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Collector Care Interview - 50 Shades Of Dr. Gray: Honesty About Plastic Surgery

Hello Collectors! We are back chatting with the wonderful Dr. Robert Gray of MD Laser Spa in Pleasanton. Why are we talking about plastic surgery on an organizing blog?! For one, last time we featured Doc Gray there were 900 visitors to my blog, secondly most of our clients are women ... thirdly I have more than once helped someone prepare for and stay organized during their procedure.
Dr. Robert F. Gray

Have you ever thought about having a cosmetic surgery done? Worried about the time taken off, the housework to do, and the people to tend for? Most people after having a face lift, or a nose job, are not up and about doing laundry the next day. They can't even brush their teeth. This is what we call situation-ally disorganized. It's more common than you think. Laundry piles up, dishes are dirty, kids need to be fed, the dog is staring at you leash in mouth. Wouldn't it be nice to have an organizing fairy swing by and help? Even better, what if she helped you prepare for surgery before and after - making everything easier so that you can recover? I am that gal. I will help you prepare for cosmetic surgery so that your household runs smoothly.. Dr. Gray is that guy, he has mad skills. Together we are THE 50 SHADES OF DR. GRAY (theme song begins ...)

Rachel: Have you ever turned down a procedure?
Dr. Gray:
Yes I have turned down a procedure. Sometimes patients have unrealistic expectations about what they feel can be done and also sometimes patients are really not emotionally ready to undergo procedures. I usually give them my recommendations and let them know my honest opinion.

Rachel: What is your most popular surgery?
Dr. Gray:
My most popular surgical procedure is either facelift surgery or rhinoplasty surgery. Usually rhinoplasty surgery is done in younger people and the facelift surgery is done on patients 50 and over.

Rachel:  With the media constantly covering celebrity surgeries, do you feel like people are more open about sharing what procedures they have had done?
Dr. Gray: I do believe that people are still somewhat hesitant to reveal that they've had any cosmetic procedures. I do feel also that people are certainly more open though about non surgical procedures like getting Botox or filler or laser treatments. This is becoming much more commonplace and since it has really minimal to no recovery - people are often happy to share their results.
Rachel: Dr. Gray I will share with the world. I get Botox. You have given me Botox! I am actually in my late 60's. No seriously people - I am all about people doing whatever they want to improve themselves. Including myself ... stay tuned for our YouTube special next month.

Rachel: Is it common for men to come into your practice?
This is a photo not a patient of Dr. GraysDr. Gray: We are certainly seeing a increase in the amount of men who are receiving cosmetic treatments including Botox and fillers. As the workforce becomes increasingly competitive it is important for anyone to maintain a good appearance. These are simple things to do, and lead to an improved appearance and improve self-confidence.
Rachel: That's how all those hot older men in Hollywood keep their looks! It can't all be good jeans (pun intended). Thank you so much Dr. Gray for visiting our blog!

Next month, I will personally share a cosmetic procedure on youTube, including before the procedure and what I did to prepare, video of the procedure, and of course aftercare tips and information. 

Thinking about having a procedure done? Call me, let's get you ready for recovery. 925-548-7750
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Collector Care: 4.5 Tips On Planning A Trip

Hi Travelers! It's time to jet set! Have you planned your vacation?  Here are some tips that can help you save some time along the way. Please feel free to join in on the conversation with your favorite travel tips.

Prepare. By using a document holder like one of these, you will sure to have your itinerary on hand when you need it. I personally like the brightly colored orange one, it's very easy to spot in your purse or briefcase.

Notify. Let folks know you are traveling. Notify neighbors, housekeepers, the post office and anyone else who might need to get a hold of you. The last thing you need is your home alarm being set off, or your mailbox being overloaded.

Plan. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, make sure that you find some time to relax. Besides the main attractions, make sure you check out kareoke bars, night clubs and other local scenes.

Recoop. Save a day to have a vacation after your vacation! You are going to need time to unpack and

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Collector Care: Mom Talk - 3 Tips For Successful Playdates

Hello collectors and parents! This June I am talking all about parenting! Why? What does that have to do with being organized? First, when you have kids, you have CLUTTER! Second, you must plan ahead to have a successful playdate. These are ideas that I stick to that I have gathered from trial and error. I would LOVE for more parents to comment on this blog about their tips and tricks.

I have a five year old, but these can apply to any age group.

  1.  Bring a snack and drink. Always have a snack and drink in your car ready for those hunger crunches! I like to bring bottled water and granola bars, both keep well in the trunk and don't smash or spill easily.
  2. Label action figures. Label your child's barbie dolls, action figures, video games, and anything else you can sharpie. Kids have a lot of the same items, and it saves time and money. I label my son's Skylander action figures on the bottom with an "S" using a black sharpie. He has a ton of these things and so do his friends, and I don't want to keep up with them.
  3. Clearly mark drinking bottles or most cups for that matter. Hair ties are a great way to easily label water bottles and cups. I like the colored plastic ones from the 99 cent store. You can easily stretch them around the water bottle to identify who's is who. I use the same color scheme for kids that are always over. For instance Shane always has a blue hair band around his bottle and Ursula always has pink. Not only does this save from spreading germs, but it also means you don't have to track which water bottle belongs to who.
Please feel free to comment below with any tips and tricks on parenting that you would like to share!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Collector Care Interviews: Dr. Melva aka Doc Lashes aka Mystic Mama

Collector Care Interviews:
Rachel Seavey and Doctor Melva Talk About Single Parenting

I first came across Dr. Melva on the A&E hit series Hoarders where myself and all of her fans came to know her as "Doc Lashes". I began following her on social media sites, and really enjoyed her posts. I noticed a lot of them centered around her being alone with her son. I wondered if she were a single mom like myself. Her messages were so powerful at a time when I felt like hiding under a rock. Was it possible that a single working mother be happy and successful?
She gave me hope throughout this last year with her inspirational quotes and funny stories about her son. I wanted to know more about Doctor Melva! I was thrilled when I got the chance to meet her and do a quick interview on a whim. We got to the bottom of some of my personal pain, and I am so grateful to be able to share. Here we are below taking a pic after chopping it up.

Rachel: Is it hard for you to be a single mom? Do you miss your son when he is at his Dad’s?
Dr. Melva: I feel like I can’t claim the complete single mom role because my son has a wonderful Dad. It’s because I have made it a point to have such a healthy and whole relationship with his father – I don’t feel alone. We don’t make any decisions independently as it relates to him (large decisions). Even though we differ on certain ideals about what he needs or what he should have, we have a respect for each other.
My son has been gone with his Dad for weeks at times, and yes I miss him, but I value the time he spends with his father. It is something that is really important to all of us.

Dr. Melva: Are you having a hard time letting your son go?
Rachel: Yes I am having a very hard time. I don’t even know who I am without him. I fill the time keeping busy so that I don’t have to think about it. I wish that I could just naturally be happy about the situation but it makes me very sad.
Dr. Melva: Rachel is it that you miss the relationship with the three of you?  The reason I ask that is because one of the things that people underestimate the most is grief. It’s the things we do to set a pause on grief. Ill be the first to tell you I did not grieve the loss of our relationship until recently - like this year (I am a very straight person). It was five years ago that we split, I did not even think about grieving. We are great co-parents. When I drove cross country and stopped in Nashville (where we had met in medical school) I texted my sons father sitting from our favorite restaurant. I said "I am crying and the tears are pouring, and I feel like I am missing the dream of what we were once". Then I went past the restaurant, past where our son was born and the medical school and cried my eyes out, I was on the interstate crying, I realized I was finishing the grief process that I never finished before. And not so much that I wanted him back – there had been a dream. We were the perfect three piece set, and it was crushed. And I never grieved.

Rachel: I am missing the dream. Who doesn't dream of having the perfect life (whatever that may be), when it is crushed, it is hard to cope. It's hard to identify the root of the pain when so much hardship is going on around you. I am so happy to hear this perspective. Thank you  for letting me interview you. I will continue to work on accepting grieving the broken dream.

Please stay tuned for our next blog on Dr. Melva being so open about expressing her nontraditional western beliefs and which sorceress I remind her of.
Rachel Seavey, Professional Organizer At Collector Care

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