Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Collector Care: 4.5 Tips On Reducing Kid Messes

Hello Collectors! Do you have kids or grandkids? Nieces or nephews? Then you have clutter!
Wall smudges, fingerprints, smeared glass and windows. Kids are a mess! Below are 4.5 tips to help you reduce kid messes daily. Please don't be shy to ask your little ones to help out - it helps build character and organization skills. With a little bit of fun, (and bribery) they might enjoy it!
  1. Create a chore list. I can't stress this enough! Pick 5 chores that your child can keep daily and reward them for it when they complete them for a week. I have a dry erase board on the fridge which keeps tracking handy. Set a specific time daily for chore review. For instance, at dinner I go through the 5 chores quickly with Shane and mark off what he has done. At the end of the week with completion of his chores - he gets a treat/prize. 
  2. Take shoes off before you enter the house. Kinda old fashion right? I find it helps. Kids get used to routine. As long as your floors are safe barefoot, you will save a lot of mud, dirt and debris from tracking in. This means less stains and maintenance. 
  3. Only eat in the kitchen. Seriously. At least for 10 and under. I don't mean popcorn or water, I mean meals. I can't tell you how many spills have happened when my son is eating food and watching TV.  If you enjoy watching TV while eating, then try positioning your TV towards the kitchen or bringing a laptop over instead of eating on the couch. 
  4. Stick to snacks that are less messy. Small snacks like granola tend to sneak out of little hands. If possible avoid sticky dipping sauces or limit them to the table only. 
  5. Wash their hands (and face!!!). Have kids wash their hands a fter meals, after being outside, after crafting, etc. Besides decreasing flu and cold risks you are keeping your walls and furniture clean. Kids love to touch everything with their filthy little
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Collector Care: 4.5 Tips On Making Your Garbage Green

Hello Collectors! Do you like to recycle or compost? Did you know that we throw away a lot of things that can be recycled in our garden bins? In California, ours are green for garden/compost items. I hope your respective state provides the same option.

Here are 4.5 tips on composting items out of your own trash can(s) at home.
  1. Pizza boxes can be put in the green cart. Food residue on pizza boxes makes them hard to recycle but easy to compost.
  2. Food soiled paper products can be put in the green cart. Paper:  plates, towels, napkins, cups, coffee filters and tea bags are included!
  3. Meat, bones and grains. All fine in the green cart, but not for a backyard compost pile or worm bin.
  4. Donate "junk" on large pickup days. These are usually mailed out by your local waste management company.
  5. Remember to recycle used motor oil, filters and batteries. See if your local sanitation company can collect oil or household filters with weekly pickup. Where I live, you can put all used household batteries in a clear plastic bag on top of your recycling bin and they take them away on weekly pickup. By taking the time to

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Collector Care: 4.5 Tips On Keeping Your Kitchen Tidy

Hello Collectors!
Are you overwhelmed with kitchen chores? Dirty dishes piling up?
No room to sit down and eat or prepare a meal?

We all get busy and have dishes pile up. Below are 4.5 tips to help you maintain your kitchen space:
  1. Dishes don't bite! Wash them. If you don't have time to wash them daily - you might want to consider paper plates. Mold can grow on your dirty dishes, making it difficult to breathe, and hazardous.
  2. Take out the trash. Fruit flies, house flies and odor are invasive. 
  3. Free up cupboard space by donating your unused cups, dishes and food. 1 in 6 American households are suffering from some form of food starvation. 
  4. Clean our your fridge - or at least throw out the spoiled food. Then throw that bag away!
  5. Sweep or vacuum your floor. Make sure there are no wet areas so to avoid slips and 
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Monday, July 1, 2013

Collector Care: 4.5 Tips On Handling Mail Clutter

Hello Collectors! Are you overwhelmed by mail? Not sure what to keep or save? If you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, then give us a call today!
Tony Leonardini offers a "Mail Sorting Class" included in our services. Let us create a system that works for you. Save money on late fees and lost paperwork today.

If you are not able to have us over, here are 4.5 tips that can help you reduce mail clutter right away.
  1. Do you have piles of mail around? Start by weeding out the junk and recycling it. Junk mail is bulky and by the time you get to read it the coupons may be expired.
  2. Do you receive catalogs you don't need? Call the number listed for them and ask them to stop sending you mail.
  3. Surrounded by bills? A lot of bills are available online. See what sort of paperless options your providers offer.
  4. Set a timer for 30 minutes a day to tackle back logged mail.
  5. Worried about your name? Tear it out and shred it. Recycle the rest of the remaining
Don't let mail keep you down any longer!

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