Monday, January 11, 2016

How your routine and behaviors impact your home.
Three Tips on Living an Organized Lifestyle.

Hey There Collectors!

I know you have busy schedules. I totally do too! You feel like you don't have time to do chores? Uh huh, me too! Here's the deal your laundry/dishes/garbage will pile up (and smell) if you don't take the time to handle them.  They don't mysteriously begin to accumulate. (sorry!) You actually have to control your stuff. behaviors

To be organized you literally have to schedule your chores into your life so that your home doesn't look like an episode of the Hoarders show. I have to keep my house clean as well, so I am no exception, I get it. Most people hate doing chores, but they do them. Don't be under the impression that you are the only one that hates doing chores. Most people would rather be doing something else. You are not a terrible person for hating chores.

Below are 3 tips to help you learn how to schedule in time to clean:

  1. Take some time to write down your daily schedule. From the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. See where you can make time daily or weekly to clean. Be honest. For example: If you watch hours of tv everyday, then you can TOTALLY spend one of them on your home. If you read every night, spend one night a week doing laundry instead. 
  2. You are going to have to make rules for yourself. For Example: Once the trash can is full, it goes out, period. Every time you go out you must take out a small bag of trash. Every Sunday is laundry day. 
  3. Start out small and work your way up. Always set yourself up for success by taking baby steps. Instead of planning to organize your entire home, organize one room, or one area at a time. Stay focused and in the same area until it is clean and organized.
I know you can do it Collectors if you just commit to putting in some time to getting your home organized.

Need help getting caught up? Hire a Collector Care Professional Organizer to help you sort through the piles of clutter. Let us clean and organize your home, giving you a jump start on your new life. We even offer maintenance for Clients who need a touch up or follow up care. or (925) 548-7750.