Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hoarding and Self Care - 3 Simple Hygiene Tips

Dear Collectors,

As you know, I specialize in extreme clutter, so I see a lot on a daily basis. It's gotten really hard to be shocked these days. How extreme can it get? MEGA extreme. On a scale of one to ten, my one is probably your ten. When I spend half a day cleaning fecal matter off of walls, and can still have lunch, you know I have gotten numb to the severity. People ask me all of the time how and why I do this kind of work. You really have to have a tough stomach, I say. And a good imagination! It's all "chocolate" to me.

So what do I personally do for self care? Besides the basics (showering, brushing teeth and hair), I like massages, facials, manicures, pedicures. You can say I like to pamper myself. Work hard, play hard.
This is not me! (www.freedigitalphotos.net model)

What are you doing for self care? I know many of you cannot access your bathrooms due to clutter. How are you cleaning yourselves? Are you properly brushing? From what I have seen you are not. 
Not only are you treating your environment poorly, but you are neglecting yourselves dear Collectors. You deserve so much better. If you have no running water, or cannot properly wash or brush your teeth, below are 3 tips to help with hygiene:
  1. Wipes. Wipe your face and body down with baby wipes. Throw wipes into disposal bag, and recycle. 
    Any kind will do, but I like this one.
  2. Travel toothbrushes. They make them with toothpaste built in and are safe to swallow. Brush your teeth daily and recycle disposable brush.
  3. Dry shampoo. Rock stars use it, so should you. Get fresh feeling hair fast. 
Now.  DO NOT BUY IN BULK. I don't like suggesting things for you all to use, if you are going to buy it in bulk. These are hygiene tips, not a chance to go out and spend. Let's control ourselves Collectors and be mindful when we acquire.

Hopefully the tips above will give you a little confidence boost and you will be pleased with yourself for treating yourself better.

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Collector Care Offers Maintenance

You had the big clean out, or your have worked diligently with one of our team members. It's quite possible you have used another company, or maybe you had help from friends or family. You are now organized. Now what?

Collectors, it's time to talk about maintenance.
If your home was severely cluttered to begin with, it's possible that you might backslide after you have been organized.

A Professional Organizer can help you create a better looking home, but it's up to YOU to keep it going. You now have to maintain this clean and organized space. That is pretty hard if you are not used to it. That is why we offer our maintenance plans.We provide you with short bursts of energetic organizing sessions designed to refresh your space and your perspective on stuff.

Collectors, you need this extra help. Especially if you have Hoarding Disorder or Chronic Disorganization. I know you want things to change overnight, but they won't change unless you do. Ongoing help is key to your success.

Are you looking for a fresh start? Are you tired of being surrounded by CLUTTER? Give us a call! 925-548-7750
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Monday, December 1, 2014

Coming Out Of the Clutter Closet

Hey Collectors, especially my fab and fierce Gay /Lesbian/ Bi /Trans Collectors!
What  compelled me to write this post, is the amount of shame that goes into "coming out" about hoarding or being a clutter bug. I just recently attended the San Francisco Mental Health Assoc. International Clutter and Hoarding Conference (say that five times fast!) I ran into some very cool peeps. Specifically two gay men who told me that coming out about their clutter was harder than coming out about their sexuality. This is not the first time I have heard this. Or the second, or third ...

Thank you freedigitalphotos.net!

During my organizing sessions some people choose to share more than others. Thank you to all who supported me in writing this blog and for sharing your stories. Thank you for appreciating my interest in your world. This blog is simply to provoke thought, it's not any sort of scientific data or intended to offend.

When I asked my Clients which was harder?  Coming out about being gay, or coming out about being a clutterer? Hands down clutter was more embarrassing. I was even allowed to quote a few.


"I came out to the world in high school about being gay. It was no surprise to any of my real friends. My father took a while to come around and accept me. It was a hard time, but I had support" 

Jeffrey on his clutter habits -  "Only my best of friends know I am a hoarder. The stigma that is attached is just too much for me to face, it's embarrassing. Gay men are "supposed" to be tidy and organized, and I am far from."


"I love being gay. Everyone knows I am gay. I feel like I have always been gay. Coming out was hard when I had to tell my folks and grandparents. Other than that everyone accepts me the way I am."

On his clutter habits - "I would rather have died than have let anyone into my home at it's worst. Being a clutterer is embarrassing and is holding me back in life. "

"Nadine" - a current Client of mine. Nadine filled her house to the brim with garbage. She feels like she will never find a partner who will deal with the mess. She disappointed a lot of people when she came out as being a lesbian. She does not want to let a soul know about the state of her home.

Nadine, Matt and Jeff are all college graduates and have terrific jobs. They all feared more about coming out about their clutter vs. coming out about being gay. They live in fear about what people think. Sound familiar?

Why is there such a stigma with cluttering? What makes the amount of stuff someone owns a justifiable cause to judge them? Since when did we get so mean to each other Collectors?

I encourage you all gay and straight alike to stand up with your shoulders back and let the world know you are disorganized. Come out of the closet today. Ask a friend, family member, hire a professional organizer, do what you need to do to make your space comfy for you. It's your time to shine Collectors, I know you can do it!

Rachel Seavey,  Blogger
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