Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Collector Care: What's Hot For Fall 2014 Consignment!

 What's HOT for Fall Consignment in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and NY?!
Crossroads Trading Co. Knows! See below to see if your items are worth consigning at their many locations!
What's HOT for Fall Consignment

Do you have items on this list above that you would like to get paid for? While I encourage the majority of the "stuff" I encounter to be donated to a non-profit, some of you just have to have that category "consignment. I get it! I consign. Every now and then. I know my limits. I have experience.

So here is the dealio: You bring a bag of your stuff in, and they go through it while you wait. You can also drop off and pick up your stuff a few days later. Then they make you a cash or credit offer on the spot. Money in hand is not a bad thing! They do offer to "consign" the higher end stuff, which means you don't get paid until it sells. I have not tried this option, as I prefer the most instant gratification.

I will warn you, the majority of your stuff will get sent back home with you. I have seen people with 10 bags only be able to sell two garments. Its a shocker. Be prepared to donate a lot.Otherwise you will be stuck with all of that clothes again.

They do have a mail in option now! I have not tried it, but if you have, please share your comments on this blog. If you know of any other easy to use consignment shops, please let us know here too.

Yes Collectors, I will take your consignment in for you and wait. Calculate my rate times how long it might take to complete this task. Last time I waited over an hour for them to look through my stuff. There were 10 people ahead of me.  So ... unless you are trying to consign some Louis Vuitton Bags you probably wont profit from me consigning your stuff this way. However, my Dear Collectors, I will help you sort  through what you want to consign, and you will do the rest.
Sound good? Call me. 925-548-7750

Rachel Seavey, Blogger and Professional Organizer
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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Before the Big O: Rachel Seavey Talks About Life Before Organizing

Hello Collectors! Thank you for stopping by. I am honored to be featured in this book with my favorite organizing peers from all over the country. Everyone in this book is passionate, and successful, with a unique story to tell.  It is a collaborative book about what we all did before we were Professional Organizers. In this book you will find fascinating stories and a bit of inspiration.

Want to know more about me and what I did before I organized? I am always asked "Have you always been organized?" and "what made you start organizing?" -
Find out the juicy details of my life before organizing by ordering this book below!

Rachel Seavey, Professional Organizer in the San Francisco Bay Area, Blogger and Owner of Collector Care Professional Organizers and Hoarding Cleanup

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