Tuesday, February 19, 2013

CityStash Storage Helps Battle Bay Area Clutter

Hello Collectors! We spend a lot of time in storage units with our clients. These units are dark, rodent infested, cold, and a lot of them don’t provide adequate units to properly store your stuff. Trips back and forth are expensive and not to mention buying the containers to store things in. Many of my clients know, storage units make for a good work out. Almost too good sometimes - I have often been sore the next couple of days. At Collector Care we are always looking for the latest and greatest way to save money and time.

Which brings me to my latest blog post! While surfing the web I came across this awesome new school take on the old school storage unit- word! May I introduce CityStash Storage?

 CityStash Storage is Taking the Self out of Self-Storage! The company aims to make the act of storing your stuff dramatically easier. With traditional self-storage, you have to haul your own belongings down to a warehouse, and possibly rent a truck and bribe your friends to help. You also have to pay for an entire unit, even if you don't fill all the space. CityStash Storage is different because they do all the work.

They'll deliver custom plastic containers into your living room, which you'll fill on your own schedule. CityStash Storage will then pickup up containers, boxes, and furniture and transport it all for free to their climate-controlled facility. Then, when you need a container or piece of furniture back (each is barcoded and tracked individually) back, they can deliver any or all items back to you on demand. You never leave home. All of your pickups and deliveries are managed through your online account, so the service is very easy to use! And since you pay rent on a per-item basis (a small box is $6/month, for instance), you only pay for the space you actually use.

Urban dwellers are using CityStash to store seasonal wardrobes and holiday decorations, as well as to create more space in closets and home offices. Businesses work with CityStash to store file boxes and spare office furniture. And college students are using the company to store their belongings over the summer rather than driving them back to their parents' house.


CityStash was founded in 2010 with the goal of simplifying the lives of urbanites who have too much stuff and too little space. They grew so rapidly in Washington DC (see their great Yelp reviews!) that they doubled their warehouse size and have now opened up here in the San Francisco Bay Area! You can find them at www.citystash.com/self-storage-san-francisco or call them at (415) 992-6188. CityStash Storage is located at 524 Union St. Suite #315, San Francisco CA 94133.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Collector Care Goes Charlie Chaplin Style - Organizing Fun

Hello Collectors! If you know me, you know I have a sense of humor. I have collaborated with some talent and we came up with this video. Do you ever feel like you are always searching for items in clutter? You are not alone. At Collector Care, we understand!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shout Out To The Institute For Challenging Disorganization

I am very proud to be a member of and want to continue my education with the ICD. This is an institute that I hold dear to my heart.

The ICD offers a variety of resources to help both people who are challenged by chronic disorganization and the professionals who work with them.

To learn more about the ICD or become a subscriber please click here.

What is challenging disorganization?

The term challenging disorganization describes disorganization that poses a problem for an individual. For many people challenging disorganization may be a lifelong problem. But for others, it may be a problem brought on by circumstances. The Institute for Challenging Disorganization provides strategies to help anyone who is challenged by disorganization.
Rachel Seavey and Heidi Shulz
Creator of Clutter Hoarding Scale
Prior to 2011, the ICD was known as the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization. The term "challenging disorganization" was selected to replace "chronic disorganization" because it was seen as less clinical sounding, less confusing, more inclusive and more hopeful. For more information on how the name change came about, see the Name Change FAQ page.

The Code of Ethics provides guidelines for professionals and also helps potential clients know what to expect of an ethical organizer.
The Useful Links section provides links to outside organizations that offer information and assistance to chronically disorganized people.
The ICD Clutter-Hoarding Scale is a free assessment tool to help professional organizers and related professionals evaluate the health and safety aspect of clutter/hoarding situations.
The FAQs section provides answers to questions the public might have about chronic disorganization and the ICD.
The ICD is involved in collaborative research projects relating to chronic disorganization. The Research Projects section describes that work.
Rachel Seavey and Val Sgro
Current ICD President

I am so excited to be attending their 2013 Annual Conference!
2013 ICD Conference Logo


Monday, February 11, 2013

Local Self Help Group Pleasanton - Fun Story

This is a quick story from our self-help clutterers meeting which is anonymous, but I was giving approval to give a vague depiction for this blurb. I was going through a basket of clutter with my @timeTimer when I came across a dress that I had purchased on sale and wore many times. It now had a broken shoulder strap. 
When I moved it into the “trash” basket, there was a unified gasp and then complete silence. As I moved on, hands went flailing into the air to ask questions about the dress. I told them I had bought it for less than $10 five years ago and that the strap never fit well. I don’t sew and the cost of paying someone sounds silly. The cost of driving over to pay someone to fix the dress and then driving a second time to go pick it up sounds even worse. “Well ,why don’t you donate it?! “ Someone shouted. Great question but,  I don’t think anyone wants an old dress with a broken strap … “Make a pillow out of it!” Someone demanded.  
I LOVE this group. Such enthusiasm! What would you have done?

ClutterLess (CL) is a nonprofit, peer-based, self-help, support group for people with difficulty discarding unwanted possessions.

Room 7 at 7 pm.
(Except some Holidays like Labor Day - Please come before or after)

7:00 to 8:30 pm at the:
St Mary & St. John Coptic Orthodox Church
RM 7, 4300 MIRADOR DR.
(The building was formerly the Pleasanton Presbyterian Church)*