Saturday, December 19, 2015

15 Animal Shelter Donation Ideas
Helping Animals in Need

Hey Collectors! Any time of the year is a great time to donate!
Did you know that animal shelters need donations too? Our furry friends in need are not as picky as some of our pets. They would love that cat tree your kitty never uses, or that high end dog food that your dog sniffed once and never ate. Do you have bedding and linens that you can purge? 

I have compiled a list of what most animal shelters will take. My experience is that most shelters even last notice are extremely grateful for any donations.
  1. Blankets, Sheets, Pillow Cases (fair to good condition)
  2. Cloth towels (fair to good condition)
  3. Paper towels
  4. Unopened dog or cat food
  5. Can openers 
  6. Cat litter
  7. Pet brushes
  8. Pet dishes or small bowls and plates
  9. Pet  toys (slightly used is ok)
  10. Pens / Pencils 
  11. Notepads/clipboards
  12. Unopened bleach
  13. Cat / Dog crates and kennels 
  14. Leashes/Collars (slightly used ok)
  15. Tennis balls
Personally, I like to collect a box year round and take it once it gets full. I have pets, and they are spoiled. It's nice to know that the things they don't use can be given to less lucky animals. 

Collector Care takes donations to several local San Francisco Bay Area animal agencies. If you are a Bay Area  animal agency in need of donations, please contact us to see when we are in your area next.

Until next time Collectors! I wish you the best on your de-cluttering efforts and I hope that this blog post inspired you to let go of a little bit more. It really feels good when your unused stuff goes to people or animals in need.

Do you need help going through your piles of stuff? Are you overwhelmed by clutter? Hire a Collector Care Professional Organizer today to help you start gaining control of your space. We will even drop off your donations to your local animal and pet shelters. Call Today!



  1. Great ideas for donating. I also donate unused medicines and first aid materials. Not all human medicines are safe for pets at the shelter they'll sort them out and pick those safe.

    1. Hey Nacho! Hugs to your Chihuahuas out there in beautiful Mexico! Thank you for stopping by and suggesting medical aid, great tip!

  2. Love this post Rachel! I just told someone about donating their old towels to animal shelters and they had never heard that before so we can't assume everyone knows these things! Thanks for putting it out there!

    1. Hi Autumn! Thank you so much for stopping by. Animal shelters are super grateful for many donations. Just about everybody has old towels. Great example!It's great to spread the word as I know many of our clients love animals just like us.